Gift Policy

Gifts Presented to the Library Policy (PDF version)

I. Materials for Library Collection

A. Acceptance and Disposition:

      1. Gifts may be accepted by the Director of Library Services and added to the collection. If possible, gifts accepted at a particular branch will be processed for that branch’s collection.
      2. The donor of any gifts is advised that the Library reserves the right to assign gift materials wherever the need is greatest or to dispose of the materials in some other way if they do not meet Library collection criteria.
      3. Collections of gift materials may be accepted by the Director of Library Services with the understanding that the items may be integrated into the general collection. A bookplate will be placed in items donated upon request of the donor.

II. Gifts of Equipment or Art

A. The Director of Library Services may accept gifts of equipment or art.

B. When the Placer County Library accepts a gift of equipment or art it becomes the property of Placer County. The Library and/or the County of Placer become responsible for its maintenance, display, storage, and disposal.

C. Friends of the Library groups may place equipment in a library facility with the approval of the Director of Library Services. If the library does not accept ownership of the equipment, the Friends group that owns the equipment must be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment.

III. Other Funds or Gifts, Including Memorial Gifts

A. Groups or individuals may donate funds to the Placer County Library for general use or for specific purposes. These funds will either be spent in the current fiscal year or be placed in trust accounts to be held and invested by the County of Placer.

B. Gifts other than equipment, art, or funds will be accepted or rejected on an individual basis by the Director of Library Services.

C. Accepted gifts may be acknowledged with a thank you from the Director of Library Services.


Reviewed by the Library Advisory Board on July 11, 1989
Reviewed and adopted by the Library Advisory Board on January 18, 2012