Ideas Are Sticking in Downtown Roseville’s Glue Factory

Published on February 03, 2016

Starting a new business? How’s free office space and mentorship from some of the region’s most successful business leaders sound? That’s just what new startup The Glue Factory is offering. But there’s a catch: You’ve got to pay it forward.

Man and woman standing in front of window sign

Located in downtown Roseville, The Glue Factory is an innovative small business/nonprofit collaboration that aims to mentor entrepreneurial businesses into sustainable businesses within a one-year period of time.

The Glue Factory is now accepting applications to mentor up to 10 business entrepreneurs, providing free workspace, advice and learning opportunities in exchange for community tithing. Budding entrepreneurs are required to dedicate 10 percent of their time to focus on community-based activities in Placer County.

The Glue Factory is the brainchild of 3fold Communications, a marketing firm in midtown Sacramento, and the Health Education Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle. They worked with the Roseville Community Development Corporation, which owns the building and is focused on attracting businesses that will add to the revitalization of downtown Roseville.

The RCDC also owns and has overseen the rehabilitation of the properties adjacent to The Glue Factory, including the very successful The Monk’s Cellar and soon-to-open Ninja Sushi.

“Many entrepreneurs are distracted by too many ideas,” said Gordon Fowler, creative director of 3fold Communications. “It’s hard for entrepreneurs to focus on one idea or product because there’s a lack of resources and know-how on getting an idea to market or bringing attention to their product.” Fowler hopes businesses launched from The Glue Factory will relocate into nearby downtown Roseville office spaces and help boost an area already buzzing with activity.

The creative office space along Vernon Street is plush with cool furniture and office equipment, letting entrepreneurs be productive in style. The venue will also host weekly seminars for members to connect with influential leaders on topics ranging from marketing to legal advice.

Mentorship and community tithing are only a part of The Glue Factory’s mission. It wants to boost the health and well-being of Roseville’s downtown core, too, growing opportunities for downtown merchants and launching an entrepreneurial and community-orientated internship program.

The Glue Factory sees that investing in the community is more than just economics - it’s about a collaboration between economic development and community well-being. Tethering entrepreneurial businesses with nonprofit organizations has the potential to shift how modern day businesses operate and change how underserved communities are impacted. Visionary entrepreneurs infused with passionate grassroots organizers carry the ability to develop community outreach programs, communication strategies and, above all, volunteer time to the people who need it most.

“The Health Education Council recognizes that the majority of health happens outside of the doctor’s office,” said Debra Oto-Kent, founder and executive director of the Health Education Council. “That’s why we’re working here in Roseville to infuse health where people live, learn, play and work. We all have a stake in improving our community’s health.”

In addition to targeting priority communities, The Glue Factory is also focused on the pulse of Roseville’s downtown core by promoting a healthy lifestyle for its patrons and merchants alike. Planned activities include cooking and healthy living classes and workshops, walking clubs, fun runs, quarterly health screenings and more.

The Glue Factory also provides educational and networking opportunities to other downtown businesses. Merchants are invited to attend free monthly lunch-and-learn workshops led by guest speakers who are experts in the financial, marketing, human resources and legal sectors. Monthly networking and social events will also be held at The Glue Factory, and the space will be available for civic and community-focused gatherings, free of charge.

The Glue Factory will also be offering an internship program for students who embody the entrepreneurial spirit. Centered on product and community, four interns per semester will spend half their time learning from entrepreneurs and the balance of their time dedicated to promoting and participating in community-based activities.

Applications for the entrepreneurial program and additional information is available online at the Glue Factory website.

What idea will you make stick?