Sisley Road Historic Evaluation

Historical Details

Sisley Road, located in the Town of Penryn, was paved with concrete in 1916 as part of the Lincoln Highway network of roads. The Lincoln Highway became one of America's first signed transcontinental routes for automobile travel, running over 3,000 miles from New York City to San Francisco. The segment of the Lincoln Highway including Sisley Road spans approximately 1 mile from Taylor Road to Callison Road and was originally composed of 6 inches of non-reinforced concrete. 

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Historic Architectural Evaluation and Effect Report

Placer County has delayed any major road rehabilitation to avoid disturbing a historically significant location. This road has continued to deteriorate over the years and the County intends to perform maintenance activities to restore the road to a suitable condition for residents. At the request of the County, a Historical Architectural Evaluation and Effect Report has been prepared by Dewberry Engineers Inc. for the project site. It was determined that Sisley Road is not considered to be a historic resource due to the modifications that have occurred to this segment of roadway and the adjacent setting. The full report can be reviewed below.