Placer County Animal Services launches "Doggy Day Out" program for volunteer day trips

Published Sept. 6, 2023

Do you love dogs, but can’t have your own? Take a shelter dog on a field trip! Placer County Animal Services is excited to introduce the new "Doggy Day Out" program, a unique and rewarding opportunity for dog lovers in the community to make a positive impact on shelter dogs' lives. The program invites volunteers to take shelter dogs on field trips for the day, providing them with a break from shelter life and helping them thrive while they await their forever homes.

The "Doggy Day Out" program is designed for individuals who are passionate about dogs but may not have the ability to own or foster a dog full-time due to work schedules or home constraints. By signing up for this program, participants can play a crucial role in improving the mental and emotional well-being of shelter dogs while helping Placer County Animal Services better understand each dog's unique personality and behavior, which in turn helps the shelter better match pets to future owners.

Day-long adventures can include a wide range of activities, from hiking and trips to the lake, to relaxing picnics in the park, or even lunch at pet-friendly restaurants.

"Dogs are incredibly social animals that thrive on interaction and stimulation," said Katie Ingram, program manager for Placer County Animal Services. "These outings are a fantastic way to bond with a shelter dog while introducing them to new experiences and environments, building their social skills.”

View a flyer here. Contact Natasha Bozzo at [email protected] for additional information and to sign up for the “Doggy Day Out” program. Applicants must complete a standard foster application.