Public Safety Dispatcher

Interested in applying to be a Public Safety Dispatcher? Apply below!

• Public Safety Dispatcher I – Last test was October 2023 - New testing dates opening in January 2024 

Public Safety Dispatcher II  (Lateral)  – Open Continuous

*** if you are employed currently as a public safety dispatcher at another agency and interested in a sit along in our center, please contact [email protected] 

  1. Hiring Process
  2. Salary
  3. Benefits

Step 1: Apply – Complete one of the listed applications above. 

Step 2: POST Test – Once your application is selected you will be scheduled for a POST test which consists of 11 brief tests that measure your verbal ability, reasoning, memory, and perceptual ability. 

Step 3: Criticall – Upon passing the POST test you will move on to the Criticall test which is a work simulated computer-based performance test that may cover any or all of the following areas: call summarization, character comparison, cross referencing, data entry, decision making, keyboarding, memory recall, prioritization, probability, reading comprehension, sentence clarity, spelling and suburban-rural map reading. 

Step 4: Orientation – Once you successfully pass the POST test and the Criticall Test you will be invited to the Dispatch Orientation. This Orientation will give you an inside look at the job as a dispatcher for the Sheriff’s Office, benefits, the training program and what to expect during the background investigation. 

Step 5: Interviews – Eligible applicants will be scheduled an oral interview with Dispatch Management personnel. 

Step 6: Background Investigation – Eligible applicants will undergo an in-depth background investigation that includes completion of a Personal History Statement, Pre-employment background and psychological evaluation. 

Step 7: Conditional Job Offer/ Medical Evaluation – Applicants who pass the background investigation process will receive a conditional job offer pending the successful completion of a medical examination. Once cleared of the medical evaluation a start date will be given.