Board of Supervisors adopts ordinance to rezone properties within Auburn airport’s land use compatibility plan

Published Nov. 15, 2023

Aerial photo of the Auburn airport

The Placer County Board of Supervisors took action Tuesday to adopt an ordinance to rezone 332 parcels of land to comply with the Auburn Municipal Airport’s 2021 Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan.

Referred to as the Auburn Airport Aircraft Overflight Rezone Project, the county is mandated by state law to align its zoning regulations with the airport's land use compatibility plan. When the Placer County Airport Land Use Commission approved the compatibility plan in 2021, it expanded the airport influence area to enhance safety for aircraft and property owners over parcels that were not zoned for aircraft overflight.

Portions of 332 parcels fall within the newly expanded influence area.

The board’s action on Tuesday does not affect the daily operations of the airport, and Placer County does not have jurisdiction over the airport’s business model or development of the airport’s campus or runways. 

The board’s action ensures that future development within the expanded airport influence area complies with regulatory requirements such as height standards and uses that may significantly increase the number of people gathering at a site. Development or land use could also not increase the presence of birds or other wildlife that would potentially interfere with airport operations.

Additionally, the zoning designation discloses to future property owners that their property is subject to limitations due to its proximity to the airport. 

For more information on the Auburn Airport Aircraft Overflight Rezone Project, click here.