Auburn Library celebrates 50th anniversary

Published Dec. 12, 2023

people pose at the libraryAn estimated 75 people including current and past county librarians and library staff gathered in celebration of the Auburn Library’s 50th birthday on Friday. The event was hosted by Friends of the Auburn Library and included a certificate presentation from Assemblyman Joe Patterson’s office.

The event was emceed by Friends President Louise Isaacson with opening remarks from current Director Mary George, and was attended by Supervisors Bonnie Gore (District 1), Shanti Landon (District 2) and Jim Holmes (District 3), Michael Spelis (representing District 4 Supervisor Suzanne Jones) along with Auburn city leaders.

Past librarians Elaine Reed, Susan Hildreth and Mark Parker were also on hand, along with the Placer County Historical Society to present a posthumous award to historian and 25-year former librarian Karri Samson, which was accepted by her sister Betsy Samson-Andrews.

Guests were provided an opportunity to share stories about Karri Samson, who is an Auburn native and whose mother Betty was Placer’s original “Rosie the Riveter.”

Friends of the Auburn Library Historian Anne Holmes gave a short history of Placer County Library and its eventual merging with the Auburn City Library. She shared remarks on the grand opening event, including that more than 1,000 were in attendance that day in February 1973, including former library employee Jane Mispley who was first hired in 1963.

The library will continue to host a display with photographs of the past 50 years through the end of the year.

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