CCW SB2 Update

On January 6th, 2024, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals desolved the temporary hold on the December 20th ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Carney specific to “sensitive places”. A new hearing will be scheduled for sometime in April.

 For the time being, the following locations will not be prohibited after January 6, 2024.

 All parking areas covered under PC 26230, medical buildings, public transportation, bars, public gatherings or special events, playgrounds, parks, Fish and Wildlife areas, gambling areas, stadiums/arenas, public libraries, amusement parks, zoo/museum, house of worship, financial institutions, and private businesses.

 As a CCW holder, it is your responsibility to educate yourself on California’s firearms laws. The information contained on this website is for your general knowledge and is a synopsis of the legislation – it is not meant to be a complete and thorough breakdown of SB 2.

 Please follow this link to read a personalized letter to all CCW holders from Sheriff Woo.

 Personalized Letter from Sheriff Woo

This link is an in depth look at the all the changes made to CCW laws as a result of SB2.  

   SB2 Changes

If you are a Placer County Business Owner, please click on this link to print out DOJ approved signage if you would like to allow CCW holders to carry inside of your business.      

   CCW Allowed Signage

Please check back here regularly for any updates to SB2 and California CCW laws.