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***If you are in immediate danger, call 911. If you are in need of support and services you can call Stand Up Placer's 24-7 helpline at 1-800-575-5352.*** 

Human trafficking is one of the most complex and heartbreaking issues to affect the nation and the world at large. Deeply seated in coercive control, unregulated forums and black-market dealings – trafficking has become one of those issues that haunt law enforcement and human rights professionals to their very core. 

Something that at times makes it hard to identify is the element of grooming that can go behind a trafficking case. While the age-old and terrifying story of someone being kidnapped and sold into trafficking does happen, there are a lot of gray area avenues where a person is coerced into being trafficked. 

While many think it can’t happen near them, California has unfortunately become one the largest hubs for human trafficking.

Stats to consider: 

  • The Department of Homeland Security estimates that the global human trafficking trade brings in an estimated $150 billion annually. 
  • Estimates show that there are up to 27 million modern day slaves world-wide. 
  • According to the Human Trafficking Resource Center, 50% of victims are children; 80% [of those are] women and girls. 
  • 70% of female victims are trafficked into the commercial sex trade industry. 
  • 244,000 American children and youth were estimated to be at risk of child sexual exploitation, including commercial sexual exploitation. 
  • The average age of entry into sex trafficking is 12-14. 

    Seeking help can help break the cycle of abuse. Placer County law enforcement, social services, non-profits and more stand ready to help. You are never alone. 

Reporting Human Trafficking 

  • The first step of an investigation is to make a report with your local law enforcement.  
  • They will ask you questions and details about what happened. 
  • You can always contact the police to add more information or clarify your statement later. 
  • If you feel that you need support when you are making a complaint, you can ask a friend, family member, a case worker, or a lawyer to go with you to meet the police. 

    Holding your trafficker accountable  
  • The Placer County District Attorney's Office has a dedicated Special Prosecutions Unit that works to hold traffickers accountable, find victims justice, help survivors connect to resources and find legal options to help keep them safe moving forward.  
  • The Deputy District Attorneys in this unit work closely with the District Attorney's Office's Victim Advocates to walk with victims every step of the way during the legal process. 

Community resources available for domestic violence

Placer County Children's System of Care

Stand up Placer  
Stand Up Placer is available for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in crisis situations.  

You can call their 24-Hour Helpline (800-575-5352) at any time for any of the following reasons: 

  • If you are not in physical danger and you need to talk to someone, make sure you are safe and call or use the Chat With an Advocate feature in the header 
  • Access to emergency safe house for domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking survivors and their children 
  • Walk-in crisis intervention at the Roseville and Auburn service offices during business hours 
  • Crisis services including on scene, law enforcement, hospital, court, family and children services – accompaniment and advocacy 

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

KidsFirst has developed a program in Placer County to address the growing challenge of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) for those in or at risk of being exploited in our community. KidsFirst provides community-based support to meet the immediate and long-term needs of youth in Placer County.Learn more

If you have knowledge of, or a suspicion that a child may be a victim of CSEC, please contact the 24-hr.

Placer County Child Welfare Hotline

Virtual Human Trafficking Resource Portal

Please take some time to watch these short videos below to learn more about human trafficking.