trsth3e4Ryan Woessner 

Assistant Chief - Emergency Management  

Assistant Chief Woessner holds a crucial role within Placer County's Emergency Management framework. His responsibilities encompass overseeing the Fire and Rescue Branch, as well as serving as the Fire Marshal for the Placer County Fire Department. In this multifaceted role, Assistant Chief Woessner is tasked with coordinating efforts across various agencies and providing essential assistance to the Placer County Office of Emergency Management. His primary focus lies in disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery, where he collaborates closely with allied agencies to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to emergency situations.

In addition to his responsibilities with Emergency Management, Assistant Chief Woessner plays a pivotal role in Placer County's Community Risk Reduction efforts. As the Placer County Fire Marshal, he works in tandem with the Placer County Community Development Resource Agency (CDRA). This involves intricate collaboration with departments such as Engineering, Surveying, Planning, Building, and Environmental Engineering. The overarching goal is to streamline the project development process for new constructions, both in commercial and residential developments.

Navigating through the ever-evolving landscape of codes, regulations, and standard building practices, Assistant Chief Woessner ensures compliance through a meticulous permit and inspection process. The objective is to guarantee that all projects, ranging from tenant improvements to large-scale master-planned communities, adhere to the highest standards and regulations. Leading a dedicated Community Risk Reduction team, which includes two Deputy Fire Marshals, Chief Woessner and his team work diligently to create and maintain a safe living environment for the residents and visitors of Placer County.

Assistant Chief Woessner's journey in the firefighting profession began in 1996 as a volunteer with the Donner Summit Fire Protection District. His commitment led to his recruitment by CAL FIRE NEU in 1998 as a firefighter I. Over the years, he demonstrated exceptional leadership and was subsequently promoted through the ranks, serving as Fire Captain in both LNU and NEU.

Chief Woessner transitioned into the realm of Fire Prevention in 2011, joining CAL FIRE/Napa County Fire Department's Fire Marshal's Office. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he was promoted to Battalion Chief in 2019 and appointed as the new Placer County Fire Marshal. In 2023, Chief Woessner achieved another milestone in his career, earning a promotion to Assistant Chief with a specific assignment to the Emergency Management/Community Risk Reduction Division.

His commitment to community safety extends beyond his primary roles, as Chief Woessner actively coordinates with various programs. Notable collaborations include the Placer County Wildfire and Forest Resiliency Taskforce, the Placer County Inter-Agency HAZMAT Team, Western Placer Fire Prevention Officers, and the Placer County Hazardous Vegetation Ordinance Committee. His wealth of experience and expertise is further enriched by educational achievements, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Department Administration with a focus on Community Loss Reduction and an Associate's Degree in Fire Science.