Negotiations to begin for potential North Auburn Costco

Published on October 07, 2015

Negotiations between Placer County and Costco Wholesale Corp. to possibly locate a Costco store in North Auburn will begin after the Placer County Board of Supervisors approved an exclusive agreement to negotiate Oct. 6.

The potential store location is on a parcel of county-owned real estate at the Placer County Government Center in North Auburn, near Home Depot on Willow Creek Drive and First Street.

The two-year agreement does not approve the Costco location or any lease terms for the use of the Placer County property. Project approval could only be given, if at all, after the conclusion of the necessary environmental and public review processes, including compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act.

“This is really an opportunity to begin the discussions about a future potential ground lease and potential project,” said Ken Grehm, director of Placer County public works and facilities. Grehm also said the process will be transparent with plenty of opportunity for public comment and engagement.
The agreement provides a framework for negotiation and grants Costco a right of entry to inspect the property. Any study or land use investigations Costco may undertake in exploring the location would be available to Placer County if Costco were to terminate the agreement.