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I wear a face covering because...

  1. Share Your "Why"

    In addition to maintaining six feet of distance from others when in public, face coverings are another tool to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. "My face covering protects you; your face covering protects me." Placer County residents are encouraged to participate in our campaign by sharing their reason for wearing a face covering along with a photo.

    **By submitting information to this form, I give to the County of Placer, its nominees, agents, and assigns unlimited permission to use, publish, and republish in any medium including print, the Web, or broadcast, for the purposes of promotion and description of county services, written information and reproductions of my photographic likeness with or without identification of me by name.

  2. Finish the sentence! Tell us briefly the reason you wear a face covering.

  3. Upload a selfie with your favorite face covering.

  4. Contact information

    Placer County Public Health would like to feature some subjects in professionally-taken photographs and videos. If you would be open to participating in this campaign, please share your contact information below so that we have the ability to reach out.

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