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Technology Assessment Program

Updated 2/10/16

The Placer County Air Pollution Control District sponsors a Technology Assessment Program (TAP) to provide financial assistance in the form of grants for the development and evaluation of technologies which have the potential to reduce air pollution in Placer County. The program’s intent is to provide grant funding for studies and other analysis that would help to assess the emissions effects of projects and to foster projects that may result in emission reductions in future years. A governing criteria for this program is that a selected grant project must have  the potential to lead to future emission reductions in Placer County and either one or more Placer County public agencies, or general public, are likely to benefit from the expenditure of public funds on the project.

The Program has been made available for projects that have the potential to push the edges of technology to achieve higher efficiency/lower impact results. Even though these projects may have produced emission reduction benefits, the assessment work itself did not and could not compete for Clean Air Grant funding.

This program was initiated in FY 2009-10 with funding derived from the interest on violation settlement monies. To date, three grants (totaling $169,200) have been awarded: 

  • A grant to Placer Resource Conservation District, in collaboration with the Foresthill BioEnergy Steering Committee, the Placer County Department of Planning, and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC), for the: Foresthill Biomass Utilization Feasibility Study (September 2015) (2.3 mb): This study provides a feasibility assessment for a biomass energy facility in the Foresthill, California area. The assessment covered the important elements of feasibility including long-term sustainable biomass feedstock availability, suitable technology to utilize the available biomass feedstock, possible facility locations, environmental considerations, and basic economics.





Information on the TAP funding process is available here.

To find out about current TAP funding availability and the qualifying project requirements please contact the District at (530) 745-2330 or by email at

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