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Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center, MDIC

In Placer County's Multidisciplinary Interview Center (MDIC), child victims of sexual abuse are interviewed by trained specialist in a child friendly setting. Children's trauma is reduced , the truth-finding process enhanced, and successful prosecution increased to remove molesters from our streets.

Placer County's MDIC opened in October, 1993 as a joint project of the below listed Placer County agencies. Since that time, Placer MDIC has served over 1200 child victims.

What is MDIC...?

Some say that an MDIC is a place. Some say that an MDIC is a process. In Placer County, we believe that our Multi-disciplinary Interview Center is both a place and a process that provides for a coordinated investigation of child abuse cases by professionals from multiple disciplines and multiple agencies, with special emphasis on the child interview.

MDIC is designed to benefit children and families and the systems designated to protect children and prosecute offenders. When allegations of child abuse are made the potential for a child to experience trauma and confusion from the responding systems is extremely high. Multiple interviews, by multiple and/or untrained interviewers create problems for a child who alleges abuse. MDIC addresses these potential problems by reducing the number of interviews to which a child is subjected, reducing the number of unfamiliar interviewers to whom a child must relate, and providing a highly trained interviewer. The quality of the interview and the investigation is consistently enhanced.

Why MDIC...?

The MDIC process broadens the decision making base for the systems that deal with child abuse cases (law enforcement, child protective services, medical services and the courts). It increases the accuracy of the fact-finding process and consistently provides better information for use in court. The MDIC process provides all team members with a level of professional support which allows them to work effectively with these very difficult and complex cases. It also increases the competency level of team members by exposing them to cross-disciplinary learning.

Where is MDIC...?

The Placer Multi-disciplinary Interview Center is located in an office building in Roseville which has been specially designed for interviewing children. This office is not used for any other purpose. The Center is a child-friendly facility with furniture, decorations, toys and books designed to make children as comfortable as possible. The interview room is equipped with a video camera and a one-way observation window.

Children are interviewed by a Child Forensic Interview Specialist, who is a member of the multi-disciplinary team. The interview is observed by those team members directly involved in the investigation of the case. All interviews are videotaped. These videotapes are confidential documents used only for the purpose of allowing involved professionals to view the child's interview, thereby minimizing the need for further, repetitive interviews. The videotapes are preserved as evidence and their confidentiality protected by court orders and California law.

What Happens Next...?

Of utmost importance to all MDIC team members is what happens to a child and their family while an abuse case winds it's way through the ever-confusing system.

Every interview at MDIC is attended by an Advocate from the Placer County Victim Witness Program. Their role is to assist the victim and family during the process, then make referrals to available programs and resources available throughout the community.

Each family's needs are unique and important. Our goal is to make sure these needs are met by following every case to it's completion. During this process, victims and family's will be introduced to the many resources offered by Placer County Agencies, all dedicated to making our community a SAFER and HEALTHIER place to live.

If you or someone you know needs our services, you can contact: