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Placer County Fire Department

The CAL FIRE/Placer County Fire Department has a proud history of serving our Placer County communities. The men and women of the Placer County Fire Department are here to serve you. Through a Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, we integrate state and local firefighting resources, career and volunteer, into an effective combination fire department. From our eight career and five volunteer fire stations, we provide fire protection and prevention and all-hazard emergency response services to a 475-square-mile territory from the rural crest of the Sierra to the dense urban valley floor. We serve a population of 58,000 residents and businesses in unincorporated Placer County and protect $6.7 billion in private property and infrastructure; responding to 9,000 calls for service annually. We work cooperatively with allied fire protection and public safety agencies to provide the best possible service no matter the location, or emergency.

Placer County Fire Department provides exemplary fire protection, prevention and emergency response services to the people of Placer County. This mission is our guiding statement as an organization and as a public service. The men and women of Placer County Fire Department keep this mission at the forefront of their decision making as a guiding personal intent.

Surrounded by profound natural beauty and a diverse and expansive landscape, Placer County is a natural wonder. This natural wonder has inherent dangers from flooding in the valley regions to the ever-present threat of wildfire in the foothills and mountains. Placer County Fire Department is prepared to respond to each of these environments and their unique hazards with our highly-trained and prepared first responders. In addition to suppressing all fire types, Placer County Fire Department is comprised of specialists in emergency response disciplines including: basic and advanced life support, technical rescue, swift-water rescue, hazardous materials, fire investigation and incident command. We work collaboratively and cooperatively with our partners in public safety and are constantly training on emerging trends in emergency response.

We look forward to providing updates on responses and activities, and critical fire prevention and life-safety messages and resources.


Brian Estes

Unit Chief – CAL FIRE Nevada Yuba Placer Unit

In case of emergency, dial 911.

You may have to dial 9-9-1-1 if your company/hotel uses an exchange.

Arson Hotline: 1-800-468-4408

Fire Districts

Map of Placer County Fire Districts