9:00 a.m.


Jack Duran, District 1                                                                                                                                    Thomas Miller, County Executive

Robert Weygandt, District 2, Chairman                                                                                              Anthony J. La Bouff, County Counsel

Jim Holmes, District 3                                                                                                                  Holly Heinzen, Assistant County Executive

Kirk Uhler, District 4                                                                                                                                        Ann Holman, Clerk of the Board

Jennifer Montgomery, District 5, Vice Chairman


County Administrative Center, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, CA  95603



Materials related to an item on this Agenda submitted to the Board after distribution of the agenda packet are available for public inspection at the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Office, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, during normal business hours.  Placer County is committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities are provided the resources to participate fully in its public meetings. If you are hearing impaired, we have listening devices available. If you require additional disability-related modifications or accommodations, including auxiliary aids or services, please contact the Clerk of the Board.  If requested, the agenda shall be provided in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities.  All requests must be in writing and must be received by the Clerk five business days prior to the scheduled meeting for which you are requesting accommodation. Requests received after such time will be accommodated only if time permits.


9:00 a.m.


FLAG SALUTE – Led by Thomas Miller, County Executive




PUBLIC COMMENT – George Preston, Hidden Meadows resident, requested help in getting hazardous vegetation cleared from an undeveloped parcel adjacent to the Hidden Meadows development.


SUPERVISOR’S COMMITTEE REPORTS – Chairman Weygandt, reported he spoke with Brian Keech, of Drexel University, of its decision not to move forward with plans for a Placer County campus.




 9:10 a.m.

 1.   BOARD OF SUPERVISORSPresentation of a Commendation honoring Austin Smotherman for his exceptional athletic achievements in golf.


 9:15 a.m.

 2.   HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES/ADULT SYSTEM OF CARE -Resolution 2011-246 adopted proclaiming September 2011 as Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month in Placer County.

       MOTION Holmes/Montgomery/Unanimous


9:20 a.m.

 3.   SHERIFF - Reviewed the Placer Regional Auto Theft Task Force (PRATTF) Annual Report established pursuant to Vehicle Code (VC) 9250.14.  Funds received for FY 2010-2011 total $350,329, plus interest of $1,765 for a total of $352,094.


 9:30 a.m.

 4.   BOARD OF SUPERVISORS – Received a preview by Joanne Neft of the PBS television show America’s Heartland with a segment celebrating Placer County Agriculture scheduled to air on KVIE Channel 6 on September 14, 2011 at 7:30 p.m.





 5.   COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE AGENCY, 2010 Census/Redistricting, Board of Supervisors Workshop – Received a report presenting the Board with additional Supervisorial District boundary alternatives.  Staff was directed to prepare a final map using Alternative Modified Map #E (Attachment A) to be brought back to the Board for public hearing September 13, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. for consideration.


 6.   COUNTY EXECUTIVE – No action taken to provide direction to staff on preparation of the FY 2011-12 Final County Budget following August 18-19 Budget Workshops.  Supervisor Montgomery questioned Board direction to designate a portion of the fund balance into general reserve and the ability to direct those monies in the next year.  Anthony La Bouff, County Counsel, said the Board has the ability to direct those monies and that all reserves require a 4/5’s vote of the Board.


 7.   HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES/ANIMAL SERVICES – Ordinance introduced, first reading waived, amending Article 6.04, 6.08, 6.12, 6.16, 6.20, 6.24, and 6.28 of the Placer County Code, Chapter 6, Animals, to provide improved rules for an array of animal situations and to update obsolete language.

       MOTION Holmes/Uhler/Unanimous




1.    Anticipated Litigation:

(a)   Initiation of litigation pursuant to subdivision (c) of Government Code §54956.9: one potential case – The Board received a report from Counsel with regard to one potential litigation matter.  While in Closed Session, and related to that matter, the Board authorized Counsel to retain special experts to assist County Counsel in evaluating that claim.


(B)  §54957.6 - CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS – The Board did not any any discussion on Labor.

(a)   Agency designated representatives: Tom Miller, Nancy Nittler, Therese Leonard, Anthony J. La Bouff

Employee organization: PPEO. DSA


CONSENT AGENDA (Pages 3-6) – Consent Agenda approved with action as indicated.

MOTION Montgomery/Holmes/Unanimous


 9.   ORDINANCE – Second Reading:

a.    County Executive – Ordinance 5652-B adopted implementing the Placer Public Employee Organization (PPEO) Layoff Impacts Side Letter of Agreement.


10.  AUDITOR-CONTROLLER – Approved Resolution 2011-238 adopting 2011/2012 property tax rates for voter-approved indebtedness, pursuant to Government Code Sections 29100 and 29106.


11.  BOARD OF SUPERVISORS – Approved minutes of July 12, 25, & 26, 2011.


12.  CLAIMS AGAINST THE COUNTY – Rejected the following claims, as recommended by the offices of County Counsel and Risk Management:

a.    11-118, State Farm as subrogee for Zelda Carrillo, $1,620.29, (Property Damage)

b.    11-119, Merritt, Maureen by CSAA, $582.72, (Property Damage)

c.    11-120, Frese, Walter, $502.21, (Property Damage)



a.    Approved the contract with Christine McKenna to provide secretarial services to the Municipal Advisory Councils as assigned.



a.    Request for Assignment of Contract/Placer County Conservation Plan - Accepted the Request for Assignment of Contract to assign an existing Northfork Environmental, Inc. Contract (No. 012862) to Salix Consulting, Inc. to continue to assist the Planning Services Division in completing the Placer County Conservation Plan and authorized the Community Development/Resource Agency Director to sign the associated contract amendment.


b.    Squaw Creek Restoration Preliminary Design Plan – Authorized the County Executive Officer to execute a $135,000 contract with Sound Watershed Consulting to complete the Preliminary Restoration Design Plan for Squaw Creek and its associated floodplain. Funds to implement the contract are from the California Nonpoint Pollution Control Program Federal Clean Water Act Section 319(h) grant program ($125,000) and the Friends of Squaw Creek ($10,000).


c.    Grant Agreement/2011 Woody Biomass Utilization Grant - The Board:

1.    Accepted a grant for $150,000 from the U.S.D.A. Forest Service (USFS) for the 2011 Woody Biomass Utilization Grant (BUG) for the biomass program and authorized the Chairman to sign the associated grant agreement documents; and

2.    Approved a budget revision to increase the appropriation for Planning FY 2011-2012 budget by $100,000. ($50,000 is included in the Planning Services Division final budget revision).


d.    Martis Camp Unit No. 7A and Unit No. 9A & 9B, SUB-424/CUP3008 - Approved the second amendment to the Subdivision Improvement Agreements (SIAs) for Martis Camp Unit No. 7A and Unit No. 9A & 9B; authorized the Chairman to sign the Second Amendment to the SIAs; and instructed the Clerk of the Board to prepare the Second Amendment to the SIAs for recording.


e.    Northstar Highlands II, Phase 1 (10B) Tract 933, Home Run Townhomes, DPN 8636 - Accepted the Northstar Highlands II Home Run Townhome subdivision improvements as complete; authorized the Director of Engineering and Surveying to enter into a Deferred Improvement Agreement to defer completion of ancillary improvements which cannot be reasonably completed until after substantial progress on the subdivision’s structures has been completed; approved recording of the Final Map and authorized the Chairman to sign the Final Map; authorized the Chairman to sign the Subdivision Improvement Agreement.; instructed the Clerk of the Board to prepare the Final Map and Subdivision Improvement Agreements for recording.


15.  COUNTY EXECUTIVE/ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – Approved an agreement for Fiscal Year 2011-12 between the County of Placer and the Placer County Visitors Bureau (PCVB) in the amount of $329,000 which includes $190,000 for Western Slope Tourism Marketing, $45,000 for State Fair Booth Construction and Coordination, $40,000 from North Lake Tahoe Resort Association (NLTRA), and $54,000 as a one-time lump-sum payment for services and expenses related to relocation to the new California Welcome Center.


16.  COUNTY EXECUTIVE/EMERGENCY SERVICES - Resolution 2011-239 adopted approving the Updated Loomis Fire Protection District Capital Improvement Plan which contains an 11.11% increase in mitigation fees based on the Construction Cost Index in the Engineering New Record between December 2006 and December 2010.



a.    Blanket Purchase Order #18460, Generator Inspection/Facility Services – Approved request to increase Blanket Purchase Order #18460 with California Diesel & Power for generator inspection, maintenance and repair services for Facility Services to increase the maximum amount by $35,000 for a revised amount of $119,500, and authorized the Purchasing Manager to sign the resulting change order.


b.    Demolition of Buildings 27, 27G, 15-18, 102-106 & 207 at the Placer County Government Center and Demolition of Sabre City Community Building, Project #4812, Notice of Completion - Resolution 2011-240 adopted accepting the Demolition of Buildings 27, 27G, 15-18, 102-106 & 207 located in the Placer County Government Center in north Auburn and demolition of the Sabre City Community Building, Project #4812, as complete and authorized the Director of Facility Services, or his designee, to execute and record the Notice of Completion.


c.    2011/12 Manhole Lining Rehabilitation, Project #40244 - Approved Plans and Specifications and authorized staff to solicit bids; and Resolution 2011-241 adopted authorizing the Director of Facility Services, or his designee, to execute the resulting contract, in an amount not to exceed $36,300, upon Risk Management’s and County Counsel’s review and approval, and approve any required change orders consistent with the County Purchasing Manual and Section 20142 of the Public Contract Code.


d.    Purchase, Ion Chromatograph/Wastewater Laboratory - Approved a Budget Revision canceling $65,000 from reserve account 2420/546000, designated for Fixed Asset Acquisition, and appropriate funds in Account 4451-Equipment; approved the addition of one (1) Ion Chromatograph to the Master Fixed Asset List; approved early purchase of the fixed asset prior to approval of the 2011/2012 Final Budget; and authorized the Purchasing Manager to solicit bids, award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, and sign all necessary documents.


e.    Plant 3 Entrance Road Improvements, Project 08241 located on Auburn-Folsom Road in Loomis - Award the bid to Edward T. Navickis, in the amount of $59,509; and Resolution 2011-242 adopted authorizing the Director of Facility Services, or his designee, upon approval of County Counsel and Risk Management, to execute the contract and approve any required change orders consistent with the County Purchasing Manual and Section 20142 of the Public Contract Code in amount not to exceed $65,460, which includes the contract amount plus a 10% contingency.


f.     Use Agreement, Placer Union High School District for Renovation of Tennis Courts at Placer High School - Approved a Use Agreement with the Placer Union High School District authorizing the use of Park Dedication Fees from Recreation Area #5, Meadow Vista/Auburn Area, in the amount of $16,000 for renovation of two tennis courts at Placer High School, and approved a Budget Revision appropriating the funds.


g.    Gold Country Mining Museum - Ratified the term of Rental Agreement CN028104, between the County of Placer and the Twentieth District Agricultural Association, for five years commencing on July 1, 2008 and ending on June 30, 2013.


18.  PROCUREMENT SERVICES - In accordance with County Policy, non-contested competitively awarded bids under $250,000 are placed on the Consent Agenda.  Authorized the Purchasing Manager to sign the following:

a.    Blanket Purchase Order, Clinical Laboratory Services/Health & Human Services/Community Health - Approved the Renewal of a Competitively Awarded Blanket Purchase Order to Laboratory Corporation of America for Clinical Laboratory Services in the maximum amount of $156,000.


b.    Blanket Purchase Order, Library Materials/Library - Approved the Renewal of Competitively Awarded Blanket Purchase Orders with Baker & Taylor and Ingram Library Service for Library Materials in the Maximum Aggregate Amount of $225,000.


c.    Blanket Purchase Order, Personal Service of Civil Process/Child Support Services - Approved the Renewal of a Sole Source Blanket Purchase Order with ABC Legal Services, Inc. for Personal Service of Civil Process in the Amount of $150,000.



a.    Notice of Completion, Tahoe Area Regional Transit (TART), Parking Lot Rehabilitation Project, Contract #1108 – Resolution 2011-243 adopted accepting the Tahoe Area Regional Transit Parking Lot Rehabilitation Project as complete and approving and authorizing the Director of Public Works to execute the Notice of Completion.


b.    Sheridan Safe routes to School Project – Resolution 2011-244 adopted authorizing the Director of Public Works to approve additional construction contract change orders (CCO’s) with Wopahoe Construction Inc., dba Freddi’s Grading and Paving for construction related services for the Sheridan Safe Routes to School project for an additional amount of $35,000 for a total contract amount not to exceed $263, 506.


c.    FY 2009/2010 Proposition 1B Transit Funds – Resolution 2011-245 adopted authorizing the Director of Public Works to complete the necessary applications to receive $7,500 in unspent FY 2009/2010 Transit System Safety, Security and Disaster Response Account (TSSSDRA) Proposition 1B Transit funds allocated by PCTPA for Onboard Surveillance Camera System for both PCT and TART.


d.    Approved the early purchase authority for Sheriff patrol vehicles for the Fiscal Year 2011/12 and authorized the Purchasing Manager or his/her designee to sign the appropriate purchase order.



a.    Accepted the Cal EMA Marijuana Suppression Program (MSP) grant second year funding in the amount of $230,236 for FY 2011-2012 and authorized the Sheriff to execute the grant award.   The grant period is from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.


b.    Approved reappointment of Supervisor Holmes to serve on the Remote Access Network (RAN) Board in accordance with Article 3.5 of the California Penal Code, section 11112.4 (b).


21.  TREASURER-TAX COLLECTOR - Approved the temporary borrowing of Treasury funds, in the estimated amount of $2,500,000 for fiscal year 2011/2012, by the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, Fund 400 sub-fund 21 as prescribed by California State Constitution.



a.    Accepted the appointment of Roberta McGuinn as the Placer County Veterans Remains Officer (PCVRO).


b.    Veterans Advisory Council - Accepted the appointment of Rick Jones of the Fleet Reserve Association Branch 296; Robert Black of the American Legion Loomis Post 775; James Schwerdt of the VFW Lincoln Post 3010; Gary Oliver of VFW Foresthill Post 11294, effective immediately.


***End of Consent Agenda***



23.  Auditor-Controller - Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Fund Auditor’s Report for the period of 07/01/10-06/30/11.

24.  Personnel - Classified Service Merit Increases

25.  Treasurer’s Statement for the month of July 2011.


ADJOURNMENT – Next regular meeting is Tuesday, September 13, 2011.




September 13, 2011

September 27, 2011

October 11, 2011

October 24, 2011 (Tahoe)

October 25, 2011 (Tahoe)