9:30 a.m.


F.C. “Rocky” Rockholm, District 1                                                                                                               Thomas Miller, County Executive

Robert Weygandt, District 2, Vice Chairman                                                                                     Anthony J. La Bouff, County Counsel

Jim Holmes, District 3                                                                                                                  Holly Heinzen, Assistant County Executive

Kirk Uhler, District 4, Chairman                                                                                                                    Ann Holman, Clerk of the Board

Jennifer Montgomery, District 5


County Administrative Center, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, CA  95603




9:30 a.m.

FLAG SALUTE – Led by Chairman Uhler.





SUPERVISOR’S COMMITTEE REPORTS – Supervisor Holmes reported that he had the honor of being the master of ceremonies at the dedication at the Placer County Community Clinic to Dr. Gordon Seck who passed away a year ago.  Dr. Seck was the last administrator of the Placer County hospital and mental health director and public health director for Placer County for many years.  Supervisor Weygandt advised that we are weeks away from submitting, to the regulatory agencies, the draft plan for the Placer County Conservation Plan.  Chairman Uhler said he attended the California Computer Information and Chief Technology Officers Association meeting at the Resort at Squaw Creek, hosted by Placer County.  Chairman Uhler said he attended the Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, and Granite Bay Chambers of Commerce business walk.  Chairman Uhler said a consistent theme he heard was assistance with signage, as there are a lot of sign restrictions and businesses are looking for assistance.  Chairman Uhler said some time back a sign ordinance revision was discussed and requested that issue be revisited and see what we can do to bring back language that would allow us to provide businesses with assistance.




 9:35 a.m.

 1.   BOARD OF SUPERVISORS – Presentation of a Resolution recognizing Christine Turner for 11 years of dedicated public service as the Agricultural Commissioner-Sealer of Weights and Measures for Placer County.


10:30 a.m.

 2.   COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE AGENCY/PLANNING/RANCHO DEL ORO ESTATES (PSUB 20070032) REZONE/VESTING TENTATIVE SUBDIVISION MAP/VARIANCE - APPLICANT APPEAL OF PLANNING COMMISSION’S DENIAL OF VARIANCE AND AMENDED/ADDED CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL AND A THIRD-PARTY APPEAL OF PLANNING COMMISSION’S APPROVAL OF REZONE, VESTING TENTATIVE SUBDIVISION MAP AND CERTIFICATION OF THE FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT Public hearing closed to consider a request from Andregg Geomatics, on behalf of Tsakopoulos Investments, to rezone a 119.4-acre site to allow for an 89-lot single-family residential subdivision (Rancho Del Oro Estates).  The Board is also being asked to consider two appeals: 1) an appeal filed by Marcus J. Lo Duca, on behalf of Tsakopoulos Investments, of the Planning Commission’s denial of the Variance and amended/added Conditions of Approval; and 2) a third-party appeal filed by Mary Ann Stinson and Sandra Harris, on behalf of the Granite Bay Community Association, of the Planning Commission’s approval of the Rezone, Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map and certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report.  Staff recommends that the Board uphold the decision of the Planning Commission, approve the Rezone, and deny both appeals.

MOTION Rockholm/Weygandt VOTE 3:1:0 (Holmes No, Montgomery absent) - to 1) to deny the appeal of Mary Ann Stinson and Sandra Harris, on behalf of the Granite Bay Community Association; 2) Grant the appeal by Marcus Lo Duca on behalf of Tsakopoulos Investments, approving the Rezone without the Agricultural combining district overlay.  Modification to allow for the pedestrian access (from Olive Ranch Road to Open Space Lot H); grant the variance to allow the gated features, and allow the complete open fencing combination open fencing and wall as modified (allowing 6’ high solid walls at the rear of Lots 24, 25, 33 and 34).  Removal of the Agriculture combined overlay includes removal of Condition 131e dealing with the restrictions on the CC&R’s; 3) Certify the Final Environmental Impact Report and adopt the findings in attachment F; 4) Adopt the rezoning ordinance consistent with the applicant’s appeal, replacing the ordinance that was recommended by the Planning Commission; 5) Approve the vesting Tentative Map, and grant the Variance adopting the Findings on pages 26-27 of the staff report, subject to the conditions in the staff report as modified.




 3.   ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES/PROCUREMENT – Authorized the Purchasing Manager to sign:

a.    Competitive Bid #9979, Library Materials/Library - Awarded to Baker & Taylor and Ingram Library Services, in the maximum aggregate amount of $412,000.

       MOTION Holmes/Rockholm/Unanimous VOTE 3:0 (Weygandt temporarily absent, Montgomery absent)


 4.   COUNTY EXECUTIVE - Approve proposed organizational changes to the Board of Supervisors and the County Executive Offices as conceptually approved by the Board at the September 28, 2010 Board of Supervisors Meeting including approval of an uncodified ordinance providing for changes to the allocation ordinance and approval of class specifications.

MOTION Rockholm/Holmes/Unanimous  VOTE 4:0 (Montgomery absent):

Introduction of an uncodified ordinance to approve reclassification of the County Budget Administrator to the Finance and Budget Operations Manager setting the class and grade for the salary of the new position and approving job specification for Finance and Budget Operations Manager.

Continued for further review an uncodified ordinance which would integrate the Board of Supervisors and the County Executive Office allocations into a single department, to remove the need for one department head level position and replacing one Assistant County Executive Officer with the allocation of a Principal Management Analyst (serving the Board of Supervisors), and remove the position of Chief Assistant County Executive Officer; and approval of modifications to the Principal Management Analyst Class specification.




1.    Existing Litigation:

(a)   Sierra Club, et al. v. Placer County Board of Supervisors, et al., Placer County Superior Court Case No.: SCV-24201 – The Board had discussion with County Counsel and gave direction.

(B)  §54957.6 - CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS – No discussion.

(a)   Agency designated representatives: Tom Miller, Nancy Nittler, Therese Leonard, Gerald O. Carden, Anthony J. La Bouff

       Employee organization: DSA


CONSENT AGENDA – Consent Agenda approved with action as indicated.

MOTION Rockholm/Holmes/Unanimous  VOTE 4:0 (Montgomery absent)

 6.   ORDINANCE – Second Reading:

a.    Community Development Resource Agency – Ordinance 5618-B adopted amending County Code, Chapters 2, and 15 through 18.


b.    Community Development Resource Agency – Uncodified Ordinance 5619-B adopted:

·           Moving the Environmental Coordinator classification from the unclassified to the classified service and establishing the position salary at grade 246 ($6,756 to $8,213 monthly).

·           Amending the Chief Building Official classification specification and establishing the position salary at grade 465 ($8,958 to $10,889 monthly).

·           Establishing the position of Assistant Director of the Community Development/Resource Agency with salary at grade 477 (10,095 to $12,269 monthly), and placement in the unclassified service.

·           Approving the allocation of one new position for the Assistant Director of the Community Development/Resource Agency to the Agency Administration to support the mission of the Agency.

·           Deleting the Planning Director allocation in Planning.


c.    County Executive/FY 2010-11 Final Budget – Ordinance 5620-B adopted amending the personnel allocations of various departments to reflect position changes approved for the FY 2010-11 Final Budget.


 7.   AGRICULTURE - Resolution 2010-267 adopted authorizing the Placer County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer to sign contract #10-0580 with the California Department of Food and Agriculture allowing for reimbursement from the State for up to $11,159 for costs associated with detection trapping of the Light Brown Apple Moth in Placer County.



a.    Resolution 2010-266 adopted recognizing Christine Turner for 11 years of dedicated public service as the Agricultural Commissioner-Sealer of Weights and Measures for Placer County.


b.    Approved minutes of September 7, 2010.


 9.   CLAIMS AGAINST THE COUNTY – Rejected the following claims, as recommended by the offices of County Counsel and Risk Management:

a.    10-086, Clarke, Shane, $8,700, (Property Damage)

b.    10-088,The Estate of Wenjie Li, Not Stated, (Personal Injury)

c.    10-089, Li, Goubin, Not Stated, (Personal Injury)

d.    10-090, Zhang, Xiange, Not Stated, (Personal Injury)



a.    Municipal Advisory Council (Granite Bay) – Accepted the resignation of Eric Sanchez Seat 6, effective immediately, as requested by Supervisor Uhler.


b.    Veterans Memorial Hall Board (Colfax) – Approved the appointments of David Green to Seat 1, Bob Candler (alternate) to Seat 1, Craig Sultana to Seat 2, John Hannigan (alternate) to Seat 2 and the reappointment of Charles Gray to Seat 4, as requested by Supervisor Montgomery.


11.  PROCUREMENT SERVICES - In accordance with County Policy, non-contested competitively awarded bids under $250,000 are placed on the Consent Agenda.  Authorized the Purchasing Manager to sign the following:

a.    Competitive Bid #10018, Patrol Vehicle Equipment Installations/Sheriff - Awarded to Lehr Auto Electric, in the maximum amount of $75,000.


12.  REVENUE SHARING – In approving the following appropriations, the Placer County Board of Supervisors makes the finding that each and every approved contribution serves a public purpose by promoting the general welfare of the County and its inhabitants; therefore, the County benefits.

a.    Approved appropriation of $250 in Revenue Sharing monies to the Placer Community Action Council 8th Annual KidZKount Fall Classic Golf Tournament to benefit children and families in Placer and Nevada Counties, as requested by Supervisor Holmes ($250).


***End of Consent Agenda***


ADJOURNMENT – Next meeting is Monday, October 18, 2010, next regular meeting is Tuesday, October 19, 2010.



October 18, 2010 (Tahoe)

October 19, 2010 (Tahoe)

November 2, 2010

November 23, 2010

December 14, 2010