9:00 a.m.


F.C. “Rocky” Rockholm, District 1                                                                                                               Thomas Miller, County Executive

Robert Weygandt, District 2, Vice Chairman                                                                                     Anthony J. La Bouff, County Counsel

Jim Holmes, District 3                                                                                                                       Mike Boyle, Assistant County Executive

Kirk Uhler, District 4, Chairman                                                                                                 Holly Heinzen, Assistant County Executive

Jennifer Montgomery, District 5                                                                                                                   Ann Holman, Clerk of the Board


County Administrative Center, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, CA  95603




9:00 a.m.


FLAG SALUTE – Led by Supervisor Montgomery.



PUBLIC COMMENT – Ralph Gibson, Placer County Museums, invited all to attend the opening of a new exhibit, Fashioning a New Identity, opening Thursday, at the Historic Courthouse in Auburn.





 9:30 a.m.

 1.   COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE AGENCY/PLANNING/Zoning Text Amendment (PZTAT20100164) MUNICIPAL ADVISORY COUNCILS Referral for County-Initiated ZONING TEXT AMENDMENTs Public hearing closed.  Ordinance 5607-B adopted amending Zoning Ordinance Section 17.060.090 (B) (Chapter Plan Amendments and Rezonings), to require notification to County Municipal Advisory Councils of County-initiated Zoning Text Amendments, as recommended by the Planning Commission.  MOTON Holmes/Montgomery/Unanimous


 9:45 a.m.


a.    Placer Public Employees Organization - The Board took the following action:

1.    Resolution 2010-245 adopted imposing the proposals contained within the County’s “Last, Best and Final Offer for a New Memorandum of Understanding submitted August 11, 2010 by the County of Placer to the Placer Public Employee Organization” for the General and Professional Units.  MOTION Rockholm/Weygandt VOTE 4:1 (Montgomery No)

2.    Ordinance introduced, first reading waived, adjusting the compensation and benefits of Placer Public Employees Organization represented employees.

       MOTION Rockholm/Weygandt VOTE 4:1 (Montgomery No)

3.    Uncodified Ordinances (two) introduced, first reading waived, adjusting compensation and benefits for Placer Public Employee Organization represented employees.

       MOTION Rockholm/Weygandt VOTE 4:1 (Montgomery No)

4.    Resolutions 2010-246 through 2010-248 adopted to implement the CalPERS employee retirement contributions effective January 1, 2011, two for Safety members (Correctional and Probation Officers) and one for Miscellaneous members.

MOTION Rockholm/Weygandt VOTE 4:1 (Montgomery No)


b.    Safety Management, Management, Elected Department Heads, Confidential, and Unclassified Employees – The Board took the following actions:

1.    Uncodified Ordinance introduced, first reading waived, adjusting the compensation and benefits of elected department heads, management, safety management, and confidential employees.

2.    Uncodified Ordinance introduced, first reading waived, adjusting the compensation and benefits of unclassified (non-management) employees.

MOTION Rockholm/Weygandt/Unanimous





a.    Update on the Placer Administrative Manual - Authorized the County Executive Officer to develop and implement the Placer County Placer Administrative Manual (PAM), a comprehensive, consolidated countywide policies and procedures manual.

       MOTION Rockholm/Holmes/Unanimous


b.    Adoption of New Policies, Amend Ordinances and Delete some Administrative Rules:

1.    Resolution 2010-242 adopted adopting the Placer County Vehicle Policy.

2.    Resolution 2010-243 adopted adopting the Placer County Volunteer Policy.

3.    Ordinance introduced, first reading waived, adding Part 4, Article 17.64 Williamson Act Lands Program to Placer County Code.

4.    Ordinance introduced, first reading waived, adding Article 2.82 Veterans Memorial Hall Governing Boards to Placer County Code.

5.    Ordinance introduced, first reading waived, deleting Article 2.100, County Vehicles of the Placer County Code.

6.    Resolution 2010-244 adopted deleting specific Chapters of the Administrative Rules.

MOTION Rockholm/Montgomery/Unanimous



(A)  §54957.6 - CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS – The Board received an update from its Labor Negotiators with regards to Labor Negotiations under Page 3, Item 4, and the Board communicated with the Negotiators.

(a)   Agency designated representatives: Tom Miller, Nancy Nittler, Mike Boyle, Gerald O. Carden, Anthony J. La Bouff

       Employee organization: PPEO. DSA.


CONSENT AGENDA – Consent Agenda approved with action as indicated.

MOTION Rockholm/Holmes/Unanimous


 5.   ORDINANCE – Second Reading:

a.    Facility Services/Five Year Extension for Reimbursement Agreements – Ordinance 5605-B adopted amending Section 13.12.230 C and E of the Placer County Code to:

1.    Extend the period of reimbursement agreements from ten years to fifteen years.

2.    Grant the Director of Facility Services authorization to extend reimbursement agreements in effect as of July 1, 2010 an additional five years, for a period not to exceed fifteen years.

3.    Specify that the Director of Facility Services has authority to enter into reimbursement agreements when the total amount to be reimbursed is less than $50,000.


b.    Personnel – Uncodified Ordinance 5606-B adopted, with recommendations approved by the Placer County Civil Service Commission, amending Placer County Code, Chapter 3 affecting classification, compensation and allocation of position for the Flood Control District.


 6.   CLAIMS AGAINST THE COUNTY – Rejected the following claims, as recommended by the offices of County Counsel and Risk Management:

a.     10-073, Morton, Sean, $3,000,000, (Personal Injury)

b.    10-079, American Legion Post #84, Not Stated, (Bodily Injury)



a.    Municipal Advisory Council (North Tahoe Regional) – Accepted the resignation of Gerald Wotel Seat 8, effective August 30, 2010, as requested by Supervisor Montgomery.


b.    North Tahoe Area Design Review Committee– Accepted the resignation of Theresa May Duggan Seat 1, effective August 2, 2010, as requested by Supervisor Montgomery.


 8.   COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE AGENCY/PLANNING/SIERRA NEVADA CONSERVANCY PROPOSITION 84 GRANTS PROGRAM - Resolution 2010-238 adopted approving an application for grant funds by Placer County from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Proposition 84 Grants program, for a Watershed Improvement Zone on the American River, and appointed the County Executive Officer as agent of the County to execute necessary documents.


9.    COUNTY EXECUTIVE – Resolution 2010-239 adopted designating the Arts Council of Placer County as Placer County’s local partner in the California Arts Council State and Local Partnership program; and authorized the County Executive Officer to sign the contract with the Arts Council of Placer County to promote and encourage interest and participation in the arts and humanities within Placer County in the amount of $120,000 for the period of July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011.


10.  COUNTY EXECUTIVE - Resolution 2010-240 adopted revising the Placer County Other Post Employment Benefit Policy.



a.    Government Crime Insurance Policy - Approved the use of a government crime insurance policy in lieu of individual bonds or a master bond pursuant to Government Code and authorized the Deputy County Executive Officer to exercise renewals of the government crime policy at each renewal period.


b.    Excess Liability Program - Approved withdrawal from CSAC-EIA General Liability Excess Program GLII and enrollment in CSAC-EIA General Liability Excess Program GLI, and authorized the Deputy CEO to sign the Excess Liability Program Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the California State Association of Counties Excess Insurance Authority (CSAC-EIA).


12.  LIBRARY - Approved the closure of the Rocklin Library from Saturday, October 2, 2010 to Monday, January 10, 2011 to allow sufficient time to remove materials from the current building, insert Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags into materials, re-organize and re-shelve materials in the new Rocklin Library, and train staff to operate the new check out and security systems.


13.  PUBLIC WORKS/SIERRA NEVADA CONSERVANCY GRANT/RUBICON TRAIL AND THE DONNER PASS ROAD STABILIZATION (PHASE 2) PROJECTS – Resolution 2010-241 adopted authorizing the filing of a Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) grant application in the amount of up to $1,000,000 for the Rubicon Trail project and up to $1,000,000 for the Donner Pass Road Stabilization (Phase 2) project; and authorizing the Director of Public Works to execute all documents related to the grant.


14.  REVENUE SHARING – In approving the following appropriations, the Placer County Board of Supervisors makes the finding that each and every approved contribution serves a public purpose by promoting the general welfare of the County and its inhabitants; therefore, the County benefits.

a.    Approved appropriation of $200 in Revenue Sharing monies to the Auburn Symphony in the Park to benefit the event, as requested by Supervisor Holmes.


b.    Approved appropriation of $1,750 in Revenue Sharing monies to the Bill Santucci Memorial Golf Tournament to benefit the Santucci-Gaines Scholarship Fund, as requested by Supervisor Rockholm ($1,500) and Supervisor Uhler ($250).


c.    Approved appropriation of $250 in Revenue Sharing monies to the Placer County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue 2010 Fundraising Event to help offset the cost of new equipment and provide training, as requested by Supervisor Uhler.


***End of Consent Agenda***


ADJOURNMENT – Next regular meeting is Tuesday, September 14, 2010.




September 14, 2010

September 28, 2010

October 5, 2010

October 18, 2010 (Tahoe)

October 19, 2010 (Tahoe)