9:00 a.m.


F.C. “Rocky” Rockholm, District 1, Chairman                                                                                           Thomas Miller, County Executive

Robert Weygandt, District 2                                                                                                                   Anthony J. La Bouff, County Counsel

Jim Holmes, District 3                                                                                                         Rich Colwell, Chief Assistant County Executive

Kirk Uhler, District 4, Vice Chairman                                                                                               Mike Boyle, Assistant County Executive

Jennifer Montgomery, District 5                                                                                                  Holly Heinzen, Assistant County Executive

                                                                                                                                                                             Ann Holman, Clerk of the Board

County Administrative Center, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, CA  95603


Materials related to an item on this Agenda submitted to the Board after distribution of the agenda packet are available for public inspection at the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Office, 175 Fulweiler Avenue, Auburn, during normal business hours.  Placer County is committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities are provided the resources to participate fully in its public meetings. If you are hearing impaired, we have listening devices available. If you require additional disability-related modifications or accommodations, including auxiliary aids or services, please contact the Clerk of the Board.  If requested, the agenda shall be provided in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities.  All requests must be in writing and must be received by the Clerk five business days prior to the scheduled meeting for which you are requesting accommodation. Requests received after such time will be accommodated only if time permits.


9:00 a.m.

FLAG SALUTE – Led by Supervisor Weygandt.




PUBLIC COMMENT:  Persons may address the Board on items not on this agenda.  Please limit comments to 3 minutes per person since the time allocated for Public Comment is 15 minutes.  If all comments cannot be heard within the 15-minute time limit, the Public Comment period will be taken up at the end of the regular session.  The Board is not permitted to take any action on items addressed under Public Comment.




CONSENT AGENDA (Pages 3-6) - All items on the Consent Agenda (Items 9 thru 20) have been recommended for approval by the County Executive Department.  All items will be approved by a single roll call vote.  Anyone may ask to address Consent items prior to the Board taking action, and the item may be moved for discussion.





10:00 a.m.

 1.   PUBLIC WORKS (PDF) /STERLING POINTE ESTATES PERMANENT ROAD DIVISION (PRD #8) ESTABLISHMENT OF ANNUAL CHARGES – Conduct a Public Hearing, consider all protests; receive election results regarding an annual assessment to provide services within Placer County permanent Road Division No. 8; and consider adopting a resolution establishing annual charges for the authorized services of $211 per parcel for the first year.



10:15 a.m.

 2.   FACILITY SERVICES (PDF) /SEWER CONNECTION, ANNEXATION AND IN-LIEU FEE INCREASES - Conduct a Public Hearing to receive public comment concerning proposed adjustments to Connection Fees, Annexation Fees and In-Lieu Fees, adopt an Ordinance adjusting the fees and make a finding pursuant to Section 21080(b)(8), of the Public Resource Code, that the higher fees are derived directly from the cost of providing service and are necessary to meet operating expenses required for maintenance of service, and are therefore exempt from environmental review.



10:30 a.m.

 3.   COUNTY EXECUTIVE/PERSONNEL (PDF) - It is recommended that your Board take the following actions to adjust Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA) represented employee compensation and benefits.

1.    Adopt a Resolution imposing the proposals contained within the County’s “Last, Best and Final Offer for a New Memorandum of Understanding submitted July 1, 2009 by the County of Placer to the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association”.

2.    Introduction of an ordinance adjusting the compensation and benefits of DSA represented employees.

3.    Approve two resolutions to implement the CalPERS employee retirement contribution, one for DSA Safety members and one for DSA Miscellaneous members.



11:00 a.m.

 4.   COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE AGENCY (PDF) /PLANNING/THIRD PARTY APPEAL PLANNING COMMISSION APPROVAL OF A MINOR USE PERMIT (PCPA 20080369) “AMERICA’S TIRE COMPANY”Public hearing to consider a third-party appeal from Tom LoPiccolo of the Planning Commission’s approval of a Conditional Use Permit for America’s Tire Company.  It is staff’s recommendation that the Board uphold the decision of the Planning Commission and deny the appeal.  (Continued from June 23, 2009)






 5.   COUNTY EXECUTIVE (PDF) /COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GRANTS & LOANS - Adopt a resolution authorizing submittal of an application for up to $2,100,000 to the California State Department of Housing and Community Development for funding under the 2009 HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) Program and, if awarded, authorizing the execution of a standard agreement, any amendments thereto, and any related documents necessary to participate in the HOME Program.




a.    Receive update on the State Budget (PDF) and its implications for adoption of the 2009-10 Placer County Budget.



b.    Affirm policy guidance (PDF) for preparation of Final Budget adjustments.




a.    Adult System of Care (PDF) /Substance Abuse Treatment - Approve FY 2009-10 contracts with nine substance abuse treatment providers in an aggregate amount of $2,441,594 and authorize the Director of Health and Human Services to sign subsequent amendments up to 10 percent of the total amount.  These contracts include a required match of $131,200 in County General Funds.  These costs are included in the Department’s FY 2009-10 Proposed Budget.



b.    Adult System of Care (PDF) /Psychiatric Services - Approve a contract employee agreement with Steve Sugden, M.D. as staff psychiatrist from August 17, 2009 through August 16, 2010 with direct compensation of $272,200, a total compensation package not to exceed $321,622, and authorize the Chairman to sign subsequent amendments up to 10 percent of the original contract amount.  This amount reflects total cost of salary, benefits, employer payroll contribution and 15 weeks of after-hours on-call.  The required County General Fund contribution for this contract is $96,487.  These costs are included in the Department’s FY 2009-10 Proposed Budget.



c.    Human Services (PDF) /Rocklin Human Service Offices - Authorize the Purchasing Manager to perform all activities and approve all documents necessary for the purchase of office furnishings, equipment and services necessary to initiate operation of the new Human Services office at 1000 Sunset Boulevard, Rocklin, in an amount not to exceed $275,000.





1.    Existing Litigation:

(a)   Foresthill Residents for Responsible Growth, et al. vs. Placer County, et al.

       Placer County Superior Court Case No.: SCV-24213

(b)   Placer County Sheriff vs. Friends of Auburn/Tahoe Vista Placer County Animal Shelter, et al.

       Third District Court of Appeal Case No.: C058472

(c)   Placer County Sheriff vs. Friends of Auburn/Tahoe Vista Placer County, Animal Shelter, et al.

       Third District Court of Appeal Case No.: C061190

(d)   Sutter County vs. County of Placer, et al., Sacramento County Superior Court Case No.: 34-2007-00883516

2.    Anticipated Litigation:

(a)   Initiation of litigation pursuant to subdivision (c) of Government Code §54956.9: two potential cases.



(a)   Agency designated representatives: Tom Miller, Nancy Nittler, Mike Boyle, Gerald O. Carden, Anthony J. La Bouff

       Employee organization: PPEO. DSA.



CONSENT AGENDA (Pages 3-6) - All items on the Consent Agenda (Items 9 thru 20) have been recommended for approval by the County Executive Department.  All items will be approved by a single roll call vote.  Anyone may ask to address Consent items prior to the Board taking action, and the item may be moved for discussion.  The Board will convene as the Redevelopment Agency Board on Item # 19.


 9.   ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES/IT (PDF) – Approve the award of a purchase order to NexusIS for the purchase of NEC 8500 Telephone System to support the Health & Human Services Department’s relocation project, in the amount of $142,826.34.


10.  AGRICULTURE (PDF) - Adopt a resolution authorizing the Placer County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer to sign contract #09-0268 in the amount of $4,490.84 with the California Department of Food and Agriculture for the Agriculture Department’s Yellow Starthistle Leading Edge Control Project for fiscal years 2009-10 and 2010-11.



a.    Resolution approving Funds (PDF) /Subfunds available in the Placer County Performance Accounting Series Financial System (PAS).


b.    Approve FY 2008-09 (PDF) year end budget revisions necessary to complete accounting transactions necessary for fiscal year end.



a.    Approve a Resolution (PDF) in support of the California State Legislature to enact meaningful and comprehensive lawsuit reform to protect small businesses, jobs and consumers from the affects of such lawsuits.


b.    Approve a Proclamation (PDF) declaring August 2009 as “Child Support Awareness Month” in Placer County.


c.    Approve minutes of July 7, 2009 (PDF).


d.    Approve Special Meeting (PDF) , Wednesday, August 19, 2009.


13.  CLAIMS AGAINST THE COUNTY (PDF) – Reject the following claims, as recommended by Counsel:

a.    09-071, Copeman, Terry, $75,000, (Personal Injury)

b.    09-073, Kemper, Edward, In excess of $584,000, (Personal Injury)

c.    09-078, Ceralde, Carol, $300, (Property Damage)



a.    Roseville Veterans Memorial Hall Board (PDF) – Approve the appointments of Dave Ramsey to Seat 1, John Schance (alternate) to Seat 1, Charles Peterson to Seat 2, William Donaldson to Seat 4, Donald Chapman (alternate) to Seat 4 and the reappointments of John Piches (alternate) to Seat 3, Charles Thomas to Seat 5 and Alan Hyashi to Seat 6, as requested by Supervisor Rockholm.



a.    Authorize the Chairman (PDF) to sign the annual agreement with the Resource Conservation District (RCD) in the amount of $30,000.  RCD will provide assistance to the County with the stormwater tasks mandated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Program, help prevent soil erosion and control sediment, and promote agriculture.


b.    Approve a 5% merit increase (PDF) for Richard S. Knecht, Client Services Program Director Health & Human Services, Children’s System of Care, from Grade 466 Step 3 to Grade 466 Step 4 at $58.96 per hour, retroactive to February 28, 2009.


c.    Consideration and approval of a resolution (PDF) authorizing the Chairman to execute tax sharing agreements for annexation of approximately 10 acres located west of Roseville, known as the O’Brien annexation.


d.    Approve a 5% merit increase (PDF) for Janet Fogarty, Managing Accountant Auditor, from Grade 452 Step 4 to Grade 452 Step 5 at $ 53.84 per hour, retroactive to August 1, 2009.



a.    Auburn Historic Courthouse Entrance Paving, Project #4938 (PDF) - Award bid to Koch Excavating, Inc., in the amount of $95,868 and upon approval of County Counsel and Risk Management, authorize the Director of Facility Services to execute a contract and any required change orders consistent with the County Purchasing Manual and Section 20142 of the Public Contract Code.


b.    Emergency Purchase (PDF) - Ratify the emergency purchase of services for pumping and disposal of contaminated water/sludge by Ramos Environmental Services for the amount of $6,103.75.


c.    Recreation Area #5 (PDF) , Meadow Vista/North Auburn Recreation Area - Approve a Budget Revision appropriating County Park Dedication Fees from Recreation Area #5, in the amount of $75,000, for the installation of rubber surfacing for the tot lot play structure at North Park in Auburn.


d.    Recreation Area #5 (PDF) , Meadow Vista-Auburn Area - Approve a Use Agreement with the Auburn Recreation District authorizing the use of Park Dedication Fees from Recreation Area #5, in the amount of $187,000 for rehabilitation of the locker rooms at Recreation Park, and approve a Budget Revision appropriating the funds.


e.    Recreation Area #5 (PDF) , Meadow Vista-Auburn Area -Approve a Budget Revision appropriating County Park Dedication Fees from Recreation Area #5, in the amount of $105,000, to the Capital Projects Fund for rehabilitation of the Sugar Pine Mountain Trail in Meadow Vista.


f.     Bill Santucci South Placer Justice Center Building B (PDF) - Award contract to Pride Industries, Inc., to provide custodial services for Building “B” for three years; and adopt a Resolution authorizing the Director of Facility Services to execute the resulting contract upon approval of County Counsel and Risk Management in an amount of $91,844.16 for FY 2009/2010, $94,115.76 for FY 2010/2011 and $96,878.52 for FY 2011/2012, and to execute change orders up to a maximum of 10% of the annual contract value.


17.  HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES (PDF) /ANIMAL SERVICES - Amend Umbrella Contract CH000013 with various veterinary providers for emergency veterinary services, increasing funding by $2,500, for a revised total amount not to exceed $27,500 for fiscal year 2008-09.


18.  PUBLIC WORKS (PDF) /TRANSIT/TAYLOR ROAD SHUTTLE EXPANSION – Authorize the Chairman to execute a Memorandum of Understanding with the Western Placer Consolidated Transportation Services Agency to receive an additional $78,000 over two fiscal years to provide additional service on the Taylor Road Shuttle.


19.  REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY BOARD (PDF) - Resolution authorizing the Redevelopment Director or designee to execute an Option Agreement Amendment with Domus Development, LLC for conveyance of Redevelopment Agency-owned property at 325, 348, and 385 Deer Street, 265 Fox Street, and 200 Chipmunk Street in Kings Beach, Assessor Parcel Numbers 090-064-013, 090-064-017, 090-064-012, 090-126-026, and 090-222-050.


20.  REVENUE SHARING – In approving the following appropriations, the Placer County Board of Supervisors makes the finding that each and every approved contribution serves a public purpose by promoting the general welfare of the County and its inhabitants; therefore, the County benefits.

a.    Approve appropriation (PDF) of $150 in Revenue Sharing monies to the Lincoln Zebra Quarterback Club to benefit the Lincoln High School Football Program, as requested by Supervisor Rockholm.


b.    Approve appropriation (PDF) of $150 in Revenue Sharing monies to the Roseville Chamber of Commerce 14th Annual Past Presidents’ Club Golf Tournament to benefit the Roseville Chamber’s Building Fund, as requested by Supervisor Rockholm.

***End of Consent Agenda***



21.  Auditor-Controller (PDF) - Independent Accountant’s Report on the Treasurer’s Statement of Assets, for the quarter ended March 31, 2009.

22.  Treasurer/Tax Collector (PDF) - Treasurer’s Statement for the Month of June 2009.





August 18, 2009 (Budget)

August 19, 2009 (Budget)

September 8, 2009

September 22, 2009