What is MDIC?

Some say that a Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center (MDIC) is a place. Some say that an MDIC is a process. In Placer County, we believe that our Multi-disciplinary Interview Center is both a place and a process that provides for a coordinated investigation of child abuse cases by professionals from multiple disciplines and multiple agencies, with special emphasis on the child interview.

MDIC is designed to benefit children and families and the systems designated to protect children and prosecute offenders. When allegations of child abuse are made the potential for a child to experience trauma and confusion from the responding systems is extremely high. Multiple interviews, by multiple and/or untrained interviewers create problems for a child who alleges abuse. MDIC addresses these potential problems by reducing the number of interviews to which a child is subjected, reducing the number of unfamiliar interviewers to whom a child must relate, and providing a highly trained interviewer. The quality of the interview and the investigation is consistently enhanced.

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