Where is MDIC?

The Placer Multi-disciplinary Interview Center is located in an office building in Roseville which has been specially designed for interviewing children. This office is not used for any other purpose. The Center is a child-friendly facility with furniture, decorations, toys and books designed to make children as comfortable as possible. The interview room is equipped with a video camera and a one-way observation window.

Children are interviewed by a Child Forensic Interview Specialist, who is a member of the multi-disciplinary team. The interview is observed by those team members directly involved in the investigation of the case. All interviews are videotaped. These videotapes are confidential documents used only for the purpose of allowing involved professionals to view the child's interview, thereby minimizing the need for further, repetitive interviews. The videotapes are preserved as evidence and their confidentiality protected by court orders and California law.

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3. Where is MDIC?
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