What happens after the MDIC process?

Of utmost importance to all MDIC team members is what happens to a child and their family while an abuse case winds it's way through the ever-confusing system. Every interview at MDIC is attended by an Advocate from the Placer County Victim Witness Program. Their role is to assist the victim and family during the process, then make referrals to available programs and resources available throughout the community.

Each family's needs are unique and important. Our goal is to make sure these needs are met by following every case to it's completion. During this process, victims and family's will be introduced to the many resources offered by Placer County Agencies, all dedicated to making our community a safer and healthier place to live. If you or someone you know needs our services, you can contact:

  • Auburn Police Department
    Phone: 530-823-4237
  • Lincoln Police Department
    Phone: 916-645-4040
  • Peace For Families (Advocacy Agency)
    Phone: 530-885-0443
  • Placer County District Attorney
    Phone: 916-543-8000
  • Placer County Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator
    Phone: 916-543-2533
  • Placer County Sheriff
    Phone: 530-889-7800
  • Placer County Sheriff
    Phone: Tahoe Division 530-581-6300
  • Placer County Victim/Witness
    Phone: 916-543-8000
  • Rocklin Police Department
    Phone: 916-625-5400
  • Roseville Police Department
    Phone: 916-774-5000

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