What steps must I take to put on a CFM?

Please follow these two steps to put on a CFM:

  • Contact the Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer of Weights and Measures. Comply with all of their requirements and regulations.
  • Contact this office and speak to your District Specialist. The Environmental Health Department is the local health agency that will perform routine inspection on your market. Fill out and submit back our CFM Application (PDF) along with appropriate fees (PDF). Each market location will be charged a one time fee for the entire season. The CFM application will ask for market dates, times, all participating farmers (both certified and non-certified), and market coordinator name and contact information.

If a temporary food facility event is to operate adjacent to the CFM, the event must apply for it’s own, separate permit to operate. Fees for temporary events are based on the number of food vendors participating in the event.

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4. What steps must I take to put on a CFM?