Would Fibreboard Freeway remain open to public use?

Fibreboard Freeway is a paved roadway that extends approximately 9 miles through forested lands from Tahoe City to Brockway Summit at State Route 267. The roadway crosses public and private lands and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service. Fibreboard Freeway at Brockway Summit is a key recreational access point and will remain open to the public. The Specific Plan proposes to designate Fibreboard Freeway, which lies immediately south of the proposed development area, as a seasonal emergency vehicle access route. This designation would not result in any change in ownership, nor would it preclude existing and future public use.

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1. How much open space would be preserved, and how would that preservation be ensured?
2. Would trails in the East Parcel and West Parcel be public or private?
3. Would Fibreboard Freeway remain open to public use?
4. What recreational facilities would be provided?