Can I operate my MFF wherever I want?

All MFFs (including carts) shall obtain approval from the local Planning and Zoning departments to operate on either private and public property, and also the property owner for private property.

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1. What exactly is a Mobile Food Facility?
2. Can I operate my MFF wherever I want?
3. Do I have to put anything besides the name of my business on the side of my MFF?
4. What is the California Housing and Community Development, and why do I need their approval?
5. What does the Housing and Community Development insignia look like?
6. I bought my Food Truck used and I can’t find an insignia on it. How can I find out if it has passed inspection in the past?
7. My vehicle has never been issued the Housing and Community Development insignia, who do I contact to schedule an inspection?
8. What is a commissary and why do I need one?
9. What is considered limited food preparation?
10. I want to open a hot dog cart and serve brats and other specialty sausages. Can I do this?
11. Am I allowed to use my custom built BBQ in conjunction with my MFF?
12. Am I allowed to set up a pop-up tent or a table to make fresh squeezed lemonade?
13. I’ve been asked to come to the local brewery/winery on Friday evenings. Is this considered a Community Event?
14. Do I have to fill out the Restroom Verification Form?