Is the fee per application or per aircraft?

A separate application and fee is required for each aircraft. If an individual owns multiple potentially qualifying aircraft, then separate applications are required for each of the aircraft, with a fee charged for each application.

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1. What constitutes "available for display to the public"?
2. Does notifying the public that the aircraft will be available for display at the owner's home, by appointment only, qualify as "public display"?
3. Is an aircraft stored on private property, but visible from a state highway, on "public display"?
4. Please explain the significance of the word "available".
5. Must a display be in California?
6. Must the applicant list at least twelve future dates to qualify for the exemption under prospective treatment?
7. What constitutes "commercial purpose"?
8. If an aircraft is depreciated as business property, or expenses are written off as business expenses, is the aircraft being used for commercial purposes?
9. What constitutes use as "general transportation"?
10. Is the $35 fee, charged and collected by the assessor upon the initial application for exemption of a specific aircraft, a one-time fee per county regardless of a later change in county situs?
11. Is the fee per application or per aircraft?
12. If an aircraft is moved to another county, and an exemption application is filed in the second county, should the second county charge the fee?