Can I pan for gold in the river?

Please view state codes for mining. Click here. We do not allow any motorized equipment or other methods that can potentially cause erosion.

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1. Can I stay at Bear River Campground for a couple of months while I transition between living situations?
2. Are there hook-ups for RVs? Can I get running water to my RV?
3. Are there showers? Is there drinking water? What about flushable toilets?
4. Can I reserve any spot for my RV?
5. How big can my RV be?
6. Do I need to check in before a certain time?
7. When and how can I reserve your Group Campsites?
8. Are fires allowed at the campgrounds?
9. Is fishing allowed?
10. Can I bring my quad?
11. Is there parking for the day-use area? What are the hours?
12. An emergency has come up and I need to cancel my reservation. How far in advance do I need to cancel in order to receive a refund?
13. Can I hunt or shoot at the campgrounds?
14. Can I pan for gold in the river?