More Program Information and Telephone Numbers
  • Medi-Cal Billing Problems:
    • For Problems or Questions Regarding Medical Bills, Call Electronic Data Systems: 916-636-1980
  • Medi-Cal State Hearing:
    • To file a request for a Medi-Cal State Hearing, call the Public Inquiry and Response Unit at 1-800-952-5253, for Hearing Impaired: TDD 1-800-952-8349
  • Third Party Liability:
    • Health Insurance Billing and Coding, Premium Payment, Medicare Buy-in: 1-800-952-5294
    • Casualty, Personal Injury, Probate, Estate, Liens, Workers’ Compensation, Overpayment Recovery: 1-800-952-5294
  • Medi-Cal Beneficiary Fraud and Abuse: 1-800-822-6222
  • Provider Fraud and Elder Abuse complaint line: 1-800-722-0432
  • SSA or SSI/SSP Information: 1-800-772-1213 (For hearing impaired: TTY 1-800-325-0778)
  • The Ombudsman can assist with ensuring that beneficiaries receive all medically necessary, covered services for which plans are contractually responsible. (888) 452-8609
  •  Visit the DHCS website for ‘Medi-Cal for Families’ (TLICP) program for information about children with zero SOC Medi-Cal with a monthly premium

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16. More Program Information and Telephone Numbers