Why is the County proposing to reduce SR 28 to one lane in each direction?

Reducing SR 28 to one lane in each direction will help to improve safety for all roadway users, reduce vehicle travel speeds, provide more room for bicycle lanes, and provide a shorter crossing distance at the crosswalk. Based on speed surveys conducted, there are a significant number of vehicles traveling higher than the posted speed limit within this section of SR 28. Based on observed driver behaviors, this is most likely due to drivers using this section of SR 28 as a passing lane, which increases risks for pedestrians and cyclists.  

Additionally, the lane reduction will allow for wider bicycle lanes, a dedicated bus pull out for westbound buses, and limited seasonal on street parking which will double as a snow storage area in the winter.

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1. Why is the project needed?
2. When will a decision between the two alternatives be made? What does the County consider when selecting the preferred alternative?
3. Why is the roundabout the preferred option for this intersection?
4. Are there environmentally sensitive areas within the project limits?
5. Why is the County proposing to reduce SR 28 to one lane in each direction?
6. Were air quality and emissions assessed under this environmental document?
7. How does the County reach out to the public to advertise project meetings?
8. When will the project go into construction?
9. Who is paying for this project? Where does the money come from?