What signage will be provided at the intersection?

Intersection signing must be compliant with the guidelines and standards set forth by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Typical signs that will be installed are roundabout ahead signs, yield signs, pedestrian crossing signs at the crosswalks, guide signs (roadway names) and the one-way signs in the central island. One overhead sign has been evaluated in the environmental document. During the design phase of the project the County will work with Caltrans and the design team to use a combination of roadside signs in place of the overhead signs.  

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1. What signage will be provided at the intersection?
2. How will the roundabout affect emergency response times throughout Kings Beach?
3. How will the proposed roundabout handle emergency vehicle traffic? How will traffic be handled in the event of an evacuation event?
4. What lighting will be provided at the intersection?
5. Why doesn’t the roundabout provide a bypass lane for WB SR 28 traffic turning right onto SR 267? That way traffic will not have to yield at the roundabout.
6. Why does the project only propose one lane on SR 267 and one lane through the roundabout? Has traffic analysis been done on SR 267?
7. What type of curbs will be used in the roundabout? The curbs at the existing roundabouts seem to get hit a lot.
8. Are roundabouts safe in particularly snowy and harsh climates, similar to Kings Beach?
9. What will the landscaping for the roundabout look like?