How are the criteria used to determine a no burn day?

Mountain Counties & Lake Tahoe Air Basin

  • A no burn day is declared for the following day if the 500-millibar heights are forecasted to be greater than or equal to the specified 500-millibar height criteria listed in Title 17.
  • A no burn day may be declared if there are significant smoke or ozone impacts.
  • Air Resources Board Meteorologists may also declare a no burn day if he/she establishes other factors that are not conducive to burning.

Sacramento Valley Air Basin

  • The stability of the atmosphere is determined by comparing minimum morning surface temperatures to temperatures aloft.
  • Temperatures aloft are measured by daily aircraft soundings.
  • Morning stability is calculated from the 3,000 foot temperature minus minimum surface temperature.
  • Pollutant levels are also a factor in determining a no burn day. Particulate measurements are gathered throughout the Sacramento Valley.
  • If the stability of the atmosphere is greater than 17° Fahrenheit and particulate measurements are elevated, a no burn day is declared.
  • A no burn day may also be declared if ozone concentrations are forecasted to be unhealthy.

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