Will Placer County build the multi-generational community center identified in its feasibility study?

Even though the county has yet to commit funding for a multigenerational community center, the county has sponsored a study to better understand the needs, opportunities and identify the feasibility and costs associated with a community center in Auburn.

The 18-month-long process culminated in November 2018, which brought together educational, governance, recreation and senior representatives from within the Auburn community.  

Our team held five advisory committee meetings and three community workshops to engage stakeholders in understanding the need, viability and interest. 

The study confirmed the need for a multigenerational community center as well as two options for consideration moving forward:

Concept 1 – Ground-up new construction center as part of the PCGC. Providing opportunity of a custom design and project phasing based upon available funding.

Concept 2 – Opportunity for a long-term lease arrangement with Parkside Church. Originally designed as the Parkside Community Center, this facility has never attained its full buildout and, at the time of the study was only utilized for activities a few nights during the week and Sunday mornings.

The study identified project funding scenarios including potential general obligation bonds, certificates of participation, development impact fees, private contributions, and gap funding.  A local parcel tax was identified as a potential, difficult to obtain new source of revenue.  

Our team also launched an online survey to gauge public interest, beyond the community workshops, to help determine a preferred concept option and possible project finance mechanism.

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1. Why did Placer County demolish the Senior Center?
2. Will Placer County build the multi-generational community center identified in its feasibility study?
3. Which types of programs and events can be held at the center?
4. When will the Mercy Housing development on the campus be complete?
5. Who will be eligible to live in the new Mercy Housing development?
6. Is the DeWitt Theater planned for demolition under the PCGC Master Plan Update?
7. What is co-housing?
8. Why is Placer County considering a co-housing project on the PCGC campus? When will it be built?
9. What’s the purpose of this new feasibility study?
10. How will the community be able to provide input into possible future uses the report identifies?
11. What does the master plan mean for moving forward with redevelopment plans?
12. What are the next steps in implementing development plans outlined in the PCGC Master Plan Update?
13. What changes has Placer County made to the PCGC campus since taking possession of it in the 1970s?
14. What use does Placer County have planned for the “Domes” facilities located on Fulweiler Avenue in Auburn once staff working there are relocated to the PCGC campus?
15. When will construction of the new Health and Human Services Center begin?
16. Where will clients receive their services during the construction period and how long until the new facility is available to the public?
17. When do you anticipate Board of Supervisors meetings to migrate to PCGC?
18. What is the status of older DeWitt buildings with an historic designation?
19. How much revenue is anticipated to be generated in the surrounding businesses of North Auburn?