Can residents or businesses be fined for not following the requirements?

Recycling is made easy for residents and businesses in Placer County because of the two materials recovery facilities that sort and recycle material for you. Residents are already participating in organic waste recycling by having trash collection or dropping off their garbage at the MRFs or transfer stations in Placer County. Residents can continue to use these services, or they can recycle by other methods (see FAQ above – How do I recycle my organic waste?) and will not receive any fines.

Placer County will continue to educate businesses on additional requirements that have to be met by the State regulations. Since January 1, 2022, the County and waste haulers have been required to conduct inspections and reviews for compliance; we will continue to work with businesses to inform them of the requirements. Starting in 2024, the State regulation will require the County to issue fines for repeated violations that have not been resolved after that business has been notified.

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