What does my business have to do to meet the requirements of SB 1383?

As a commercial edible food generator, you must enter into a contract or other written agreement with a food recovery service or food recovery organization to donate the maximum amount of edible food that would otherwise be discarded. No food may be intentionally spoiled to avoid donation.

Records must be maintained on-site at your business, including:

  1. A list of each food recovery organization or service that collects or receives donations from your business, containing: 
    1. The name, address and contact information for the organization or service,
    2. The types of food donated,
    3. Whether the donations are self-hauled or collected by the organization or service,
    4. The frequency of donations (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.),
    5. Quantities of donated food, measured in pounds per month.


Copies of the contracts or written agreements with each food recovery organization or service.

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2. What does my business have to do to meet the requirements of SB 1383?
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