What is a stormwater maintenance plan?

A stormwater maintenance plan consists of stormwater quality treatment devices that will treat stormwater runoff in conformance with the County’s MS4 permit. The maintenance plan shall include a schedule for when and how often maintenance of the devices shall occur. A list of any special equipment or skills required for proper maintenance and a schedule for periodic inspections to ensure proper performance between maintenance events shall also be included.

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1. What is the SWQ Maintenance Program?
2. What mandates the SWQ Maintenance Program?
3. What is required by the Program?
4. What is a stormwater management plan?
5. What is a stormwater maintenance plan?
6. When is the maintenance performed?
7. Who can perform the maintenance?
8. Where can I find information on my device maintenance requirements?
9. What is the timeframe to comply?
10. What are the penalties/repercussions for non-compliance?
11. How do I find out the location of any treatment devices on my property?
12. Who can I contact for further information and details?