Who can perform the maintenance?

Depending on the size and type of device, some maintenance can be done independently by the owner or their representative. Other protocols may be specialized and require special equipment and confined space certification and will be provided by contract vendors. 

Ensure that your maintenance provider disposes the waste material at an appropriate hazardous waste facility.

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1. What is the SWQ Maintenance Program?
2. What mandates the SWQ Maintenance Program?
3. What is required by the Program?
4. What is a stormwater management plan?
5. What is a stormwater maintenance plan?
6. When is the maintenance performed?
7. Who can perform the maintenance?
8. Where can I find information on my device maintenance requirements?
9. What is the timeframe to comply?
10. What are the penalties/repercussions for non-compliance?
11. How do I find out the location of any treatment devices on my property?
12. Who can I contact for further information and details?