Why are SMD 1 - North Auburn sewer fees increasing?
  1. In general, the proposed increases in sewer user fees reflect increased costs to operate and maintain efficient, and reliable sewer services in compliance with state regulations. 
  2. The sewer user fees in SMD 1-North Auburn have not increased since July 1, 2013. Since that time, the Engineering News Record Construction Cost Index has increased 39%, the California Consumer Price Index has increased 34%, and the US Department of Labor Water/Sewer/Trash Index has increased 45%. 

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1. Why are SMD 1 - North Auburn sewer fees increasing?
2. If approved, when will the SMD 1 - North Auburn fee increase take effect?
3. How do my SMD 1 - North Auburn fees compare with surrounding areas?
4. Why don’t developer assessments cover the sewer fee increases?
5. I am on a fixed income. Is there any discount or subsidy available?
6. Why is this charge on my tax bill instead of a monthly statement?
7. How long has this charge been on my tax bill?
8. I am all by myself. Why do I pay the same or as much as a family of 4 or 6?
9. How do I object to the proposed increase?
10. A valid protest must contain:
11. What constitutes a majority protest?
12. Where can I get additional information?
13. What is LiSWA and why is it affecting my sewer user fees?