What is the Code Compliance process?

The typical steps of the Code Compliance process include:

    1. A Complaint Form regarding an alleged violation is filed with Code Compliance.
    2. A Courtesy Notice is sent to the Property Owner identifying the section(s) of County Code that is/are being violated.
    3. A site inspection of the property will occur to determine if a violation exists.
    4. If a violation exists, a “Notice of Violation” letter is sent to the Property Owner.
    5. The Notice of Violation letter will provide a timeframe for correction of the violation. The timeframe depends upon the nature of the violation, but generally will allow up to 30 days for compliance. *
    6. If compliance is not achieved, an Administrative Citation is issued, and an administrative citation hearing is scheduled.  The hearing officer will consider the staff presentation, then hear from the Property Owner, and then any other respondents attending the hearing. The hearing officer will take the matter under advisement and issue their finding within 10 days.
    7. If compliance is not achieved through the citation process, the County may initiate Abatement Proceedings, and/or issue a Notice and Order to Abate.  

      * If the Violation identified poses an immediate life, health or safety risk, for example, leaking septic, fire/electrical danger, or risk of structural collapse, among others, the timeframes and citations for noncompliance may be accelerated seeking more immediate action.
      Please remember - the goal of the Placer County Code Compliance Division is to achieve voluntary compliance on the part of the property owner/tenant, and we will work with you while you form a reasonable and responsible plan for achieving compliance.

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