Can I convert my existing garage to an ADU?

Yes, existing accessory structures can be converted to an ADU.  Some important considerations to keep in mind are: 

  1. Fire separation requirements per R302.
  2. Structural adequacy of existing structure. If existing structural members are subjected to increased loads, structural retrofit may be required. (Example: The ceiling joists for an existing garage may have been sized without considering the additional weight of drywall, mechanical units, etc.) 
  3. A vapor retarder is required per R506.2.3. If one was not installed during construction of an existing slab, a post installed product may be used. If installing a post installed vapor barrier, Placer County requires that an alternate materials request form be submitted along with product specifications. Requests will be reviewed on a case by-case basis. Placer County is currently working on providing a list of pre-approved products that can be used as a post installed vapor barrier.

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