A valid protest must contain:
    • The property address or assessor’s parcel number.
    • Name and signature of the parcel owner (or an authorized representative).
    • Written evidence that the signer is the owner of the property, if the signer is different than the person to whom this notice is addressed. 
    • A statement that you are protesting the proposed fee increases. You do not need to give a reason for your opposition; opposition alone is sufficient.
    • Proposition 218 requires all written protests be received by the end of the public hearing.  If you submit your protest by regular mail, please allow sufficient time for the mail to be delivered, as a postmark will not be accepted.

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1. Why are my SMD 1 - Sheridan sewer fees increasing?
2. If approved, when will the SMD 1 - Sheridan fee increase take effect?
3. How do my SMD-1 Sheridan sewer fees compare with surrounding areas?
4. Why don’t developer assessments cover the sewer fee increases?
5. I am on a fixed income. Is there any discount or subsidy available?
6. Why is this charge on my tax bill instead of a monthly statement?
7. How long has this charge been on my tax bill?
8. I am all by myself. Why do I pay the same or as much as a family of 4 or 6?
9. How do I object to the proposed SMD 1 - Sheridan increase?
10. A valid protest must contain:
11. What constitutes a majority protest?
12. Where can I get additional information?