Why implement changes in Granite Bay?

In March of 2002, the Air District made a presentation to the Granite Bay Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC) regarding smoke from residential backyard burning. As a result of this presentation, the MAC formed the Residential Burn Compromise Committee to determine the desire of the community and to recommend a compromise policy that would satisfy citizens on both sides of the issue (suburban and rural). Air District and Fire District staff worked with the Committee to provided technical support. The final report of the committee was presented and endorsed by the MAC in March 2003 with recommended changes in burn permit issuance, the burn hours and the burn season. These changes were implemented by both the Air District and the South Placer Fire District.

In April 2005 the Residential Burn Compromise Committee reconvened in order to review the burn hours. A recommendation to the MAC was made and approved to extend the burn hours for the month of May.

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