How does the permit process work?

The District issues two permits for a stationary source. The first - issued before construction begins - is an Authority to Construct. When construction is completed and Authority to Construct permit requirements are met, the District issues a Permit to Operate.

Authority to Construct (A/C)

The A/C permit allows construction of a new facility or the installation or the modification of equipment at an existing facility.

Inspection & Temporary Operation

Following construction, installation, or modification, District staff inspects the facility to ensure proper installation of all equipment. A temporary operating period is allowed for testing, calibration, and demonstration of compliance with conditions of the A/C.

Permit to Operate (P/O)

The P/O allows continued operation in accordance with all permit conditions and local, state, and federal air pollution requirements.


The P/O is re-evaluated every year and is updated as necessary to ensure compliance and to reflect any changes to local, state, or federal requirements.

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