How are permits renewed?

Permits are renewed annually. An invoice for annual fees will be mailed to the company approximately 45 days in advance of the expiration date for existing permits, with 30 days for payment. Once the invoice is paid, the permits will be renewed. The District’s intention is that the renewal permit will be issued prior to the expiration of the existing permits. 

If there are no changes to a permit, only a one page coupon indicating payment and renewal will be provided. Companies should keep copies of the original permits and all coupons on file.

  • If invoices are not paid when due, a late penalty will be assessed. If all permit fees that are due, including late penalties, are not paid, and the permits have expired, enforcement action may be taken for operation without a valid permit. An expired permit may be reinstated only by filing a new application accompanied by an application fee and payment in full of all fees previously due.
  • If invoices or permits are late, due delays that are the responsibility of the District, the existing permits continue to be in good standing until invoices are sent, payment received, and permits issued. No enforcement action or late penalties will result.

If you are concerned that you may have missed the receipt of the renewal invoice or the new permit, you are welcome to contact the District to inquire concerning the status of your permit.

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