What happens to my insurance benefits while on a medical leave?

If you are taking medical leave and covered under FMLA/CFRA your health insurance premiums will continue to be covered the same as if you are working. If you fail to return to return to work after the FMLA leave, Placer County will recover its share of health plan premiums paid during a period of unpaid FMLA leave. The following status work in the following ways in regards to FMLA:

  • Paid Status (using sick/vacation/CTO/Management Leave accruals): Benefit premiums continue to be paid through the payroll process and all your benefits remain intact.
  • Unpaid Status (off payroll): While you are on FMLA, Placer County will pay the employer share of health, dental and vision premiums for up to 12 weeks. You will be responsible for your normal employee share. The Personnel Department will notify you of premiums due
  • Non-FMLA Leave: If you are on a non-FMLA leave of absence, you may be responsible for both the employee and employer premiums. Please call the Personnel Department at 530-889-4060 for premium costs.

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