How do my SMD-1 Sheridan sewer fees compare with surrounding areas?

Sheridan residents pay a flat rate for their sewer usage. The proposed 2023 rate is $67.13/mo for residential customers.

  • Please see the Sewer Rate Comparison chart
  • SMD 1 - Sheridan district is a low population district compared to some nearby urban community districts. Although fees may be different for a variety of reasons, in general, the cost per customer typically decreases as the number of customers increases. In highly populated urban communities, there are a large number of people to share fixed costs, resulting in lower fees per customer. Unincorporated Placer County districts are spread over a wide area and are not as densely populated as urban areas. This results in more miles of pipe to maintain per customer.  

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1. Why are my SMD 1 - Sheridan sewer fees increasing?
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3. How do my SMD-1 Sheridan sewer fees compare with surrounding areas?
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