How do Possessory Interests differ from other assessments?

Possessory Interests (PI) are only those rights held by the private possessor. PIs do not include the value of any rights retained by the public owner or any right that will revert back to the public owner at the end of the term of possession. PI assessments are normally less and often significantly less than fee simple assessments of similar, privately owned property.

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1. What is a Possessory Interest?
2. Why do I have to pay property taxes if the property is tax-exempt?
3. How do Possessory Interests differ from other assessments?
4. How does the Assessor distinguish which Possessory Interests are assessable and those which are not?
5. Why are Possessory Interest holders being charged property tax in addition to the rent they pay to a government entity? Isn’t that a form of double taxation?
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8. How do Possessory Interest Unsecured tax bills differ from Secured Roll tax bills?
9. I received a tax bill for the year July 1 through June 30, but I vacated the property in March. Why do I have to pay for the year after I vacated?
10. Where can additional information about Possessory Interest Assessments be obtained?