What are the conditions for Placer County Sheriff's Office?

Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) licenses issued in Placer County have the following restrictions:

  • Licensee shall not, when carrying a weapon
  • Consume any alcoholic beverage. (DOJ)
  • Commit any criminal act. Must report any arrest to the Sheriff within 10 days.
  • Be in a place having a primary purpose of dispensing alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption (DOJ)
  • Be under the influence of any drug, or alcoho. (DOJ)
  • Use any illegal drug
  • Refuse to show license or surrender weapon to law enforcement upon request (DOJ)
  • Impede any peace officer (DOJ)
  • Represent self as a peace officer to any person, if not so employed (DOJ)
  • Possess weapon any place where prohibited by law or sign (DOJ)
  • Unjustifiably display weapon (DOJ)
  • Carry a concealed weapon not listed on the license (DOJ)
  • Fail to disclose, when stopped or detained by law enforcement, your status as a CCW license holder when you are carrying a weapon on your person or in your vehicle

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