What do I need to do if I move from California?

You must surrender your Concealed Carry Weapon license to Placer County Sheriff's Office within 10 days of moving as you must be a California resident to obtain a CCW license. – Penal Code 26150

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1. What are the minimum Course of Fire Standards that the Sheriff’s Office has adopted under AB2103?
2. What are the regulations pertaining to the weapons licensed for our Carry Concealed Weapons license holders?
3. What are the criteria for consideration of issuance?
4. How old do I have to be before I can apply for a Carry Concealed Weapons license?
5. What restrictions are placed on all Placer County Sheriff's Office license holders?
6. Is there a specific type of weapon I must use?
7. How many weapons may I carry?
8. Does my weapon need to be registered to me?
9. How do I register my weapon with California Department of Justice?
10. Can I have my spouse’s weapon on my license?
11. I just moved into Placer County and have a valid Carry Concealed Weapons license from another California county. What must I do?
12. What do I need to do if I move from California?
13. What do I need to do if I have changed my address and still live in Placer County?
14. What do I need to do if I have moved out of Placer County, but remain in California?
15. What is the fee schedule for a carry concealed weapons license?
16. I live in Placer County's Tahoe Basin area. Do I have to travel to the Sheriff's main office in Auburn?
17. What is considered an acceptable proof of residency?
18. How long is my training certificate valid for?
19. What if I am unable to upload the required documents??
20. How often do I need to re-qualify or attend training?