Is there any way of getting a sooner appointment or being placed on a waiting list?

Due to the volume for requests for new licenses we are unable to maintain a waiting/cancellation list. Applicants have the option of checking our appointment scheduling site for new openings and cancellations as they become available.

If you have been the victim of a violent crime or have a domestic violence-related restraining order, you may visit our office or call 530-889-6929 and provide documentation of your claim. Your submission will be reviewed by our staff for emergency processing.

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1. How long does the new Concealed Carry Weapon process take?
2. How can I help the Sheriff's Office process my new CCW application quickly as possible?
3. I recently had my Live Scan (fingerprints) done for another organization. Do I need to get fingerprinted again for my new CCW application?
4. Where should I get my Live Scan (fingerprints) done?
5. Where can I get the correct Live Scan form for a new Placer County Carry Concealed Weapon application?
6. What are the standard fees for a Carry Concealed Weapons Live Scan (fingerprints)?
7. How do I schedule an appointment for a new carry concealed weapon (CCW) license with Placer County?
8. How long do I have to complete the application process?
9. Is there any way of getting a sooner appointment or being placed on a waiting list?
10. May I come to the Sheriff’s Office and wait for no shows or cancellations of appointments?
11. I have filed a restraining order and need a Carry Concealed Weapon license now. How do I get an appointment?
12. Do I need to bring my weapon to my appointment?
13. What do I need to bring to my appointment?
14. Where do I go to complete the Carry Concealed Weapon license process?
15. What do I do if I am denied?
16. How long is a Carry Concealed Weapons license good for?
17. What Restrictions are placed on all Placer County Sheriff’s Office license holders?
18. What should I do if I am pulled over or contacted by a law enforcement officer?