Where can I get information on benefits with Placer County?

Benefits are determined by each Job Groups Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Union and Placer County. Each job classification falls within the following Benefit Groups. You will find a listing of these Benefit Groups, the benefit details, and the classifications represented on the Placer County Human Resources webpage, to view the Benefits by Summaries by Group. The MOU for each bargaining unit is also viewable on the Placer County Human Resources webpage, under this same link. Below is a list of the Benefit Groups and classifications within the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Sheriff's Association - Safety

  • Chief Deputy Coroner
  • Deputy Sheriff - I
  • Deputy Sheriff - II
  • Deputy Sheriff - Trainee
  • Sheriff's Sergeant

Elected Management - Safety

  • Sheriff-Coroner-Marshal


  • Accounting Assistant Entry/Journey
  • Accounting Assistant Senior
  • Administrative Clerk Entry/Journey
  • Administrative Clerk Senior
  • Administrative Legal Clerk Entry/Journey
  • Administrative Legal Clerk Senior
  • Administrative Legal Supervisor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Technician
  • Building Crafts Mechanic
  • Building Crafts Mechanic Supervising
  • Community Services Officer I/II
  • Dispatch Services Supervisor
  • Equipment Service Worker I/II
  • Evidence Technician I/II
  • Executive Assistant
  • Information Technology Technician
  • Investigative Assistant
  • Public Safety Dispatcher I/II
  • Public Safety Dispatcher Supervising

General - Safety

  • Correctional Officer - I
  • Correctional Officer - II
  • Correctional Sergeant


  • Accountant Supervising
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Administrative and Fiscal Officer
  • Corrections Support Program Manager
  • Dispatch Services Manager
  • Information Technician Manager
  • Information Technician Supervisor
  • Public Information Assistant

Management Safety

  • Assistant Sheriff
  • Sheriff’s Captain
  • Sheriff’s Lieutenant
  • Undersheriff


  • Accountant I/II
  • Accountant - Senior
  • Crime Analyst I/II
  • Crime Analyst Senior
  • Information Technology Analyst I/II
  • Information Technology Analyst Senior
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Staff Services Analyst I/II

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